Unexpected Additions||N.H.

What happens when two long time friends hook up and others find out? Find out in Unexpected Additions!


6. Sunday morning.

We woke up still on top of each other. We went downstairs, and luckily Heather was still asleep. We got ready, and wrote Heather a note.

Heather~ went to breakfast be back soon. We'll bring you back something. Luv ya!

We went to Denny's, I got pancakes an Niall got waffles. We were quietly eating, when Niall broke the silence.

"So, does this mean were dating now?" He smirked.

"Hmm... I kinda thought we already were." I giggled

"I guess we are now!" He grinned from ear to ear.

We leaned over the table, and again our lips met. We kissed for about a minute, then realized we were still in public. He got the check, paid, then we left. Driving home we listened to the blaring radio. Suddenly he turned it down. His phone was ringing. He handed me it, since he was driving. I saw who was calling. "Hazza". I answered excitedly.

"Hello" i said very girly

"Umm hello?" He questioned "Who's this?"

"This is Megan, Nialls..." I looked at him. He nodded "girlfriend. I'm Niall's girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" He asked.

"Yes, that what I said. Girlfriend. Is there an issue?" I asked with an attitude. Niall laughed quietly.

"Well," he said with the same attitude. "Tell Niall that the boys and I are in town, and were wondering if he wanted to hang."

"He would love to." I giggled. "Come over to his house at 12:30. Heather and I will both be there."

"Fine. See you then." He replied then hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" Niall asked concerned

"Nothing, the boys will all be over at around 12:30." I smiled.

We got home, and Heather had been awake. We gave her the food we got her, and she thanked us. A few hours later, the boys all showed up...

Note- haha left you guys a cliff hanger! Sorry for the short chapter. Just really tired, going to write more tomorrow. Love ya all, night!

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