Secret Life

I'm far from typical, okay?
Everybody who knows me, knows that.
But I still have huge sections of my life that I haven't told ANYONE, but I'm gonna tell you.
I've done some bad things, and I just can't stop.


4. bad boy.

Tonight's the fourth night, and I saw him come out. Usually, he'd wait until I was busy or sneak off quickly, but tonight? No, he came and talked to me.

There I was: reading a book on zombies, and he strutted out. His hair was tangled, laying loosely on his shoulders but he was clean-shaven. He wore a wife-beater that he got when I couldn't get his blood-stained one clean. (I left it in front of the closet door, and left. Too scared to see if he appreciated it or not, but I guess he did.)

"Hey." He said, straight-faced.

I looked up from my book, startled. My heart almost stopped when I saw him. "H-hi."

"Thanks... For the.. Tanktops.." His voice deep and scratchy.

"Couldn't get your other clean.." I put the book down and started to stand up.

"No, no.. Sit. I got dinner tonight, okay? To.. Thank you."

I sat back down on my bed, and looked up at him. Half afraid of the consequences of denying his offer, half afraid that he'd poison my food; I just nodded. "T-thanks."

"We.. Could eat dinner together.. Tonight..?" He asked, and I nodded. In all honesty, I wanted to know more about this man. He made me curious. And this was my chance.

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