The heartthrob that doesn't know he's a heartthrob. The guy that never leaves the fine arts hall. The christian that goes to church three times a week. The senior with the burning blue eyes. He's a virgin that has me under a spell. And while I'm busy trying to steal his virginity, he's stealing my heart.
He's Bradley.


8. Eight

"And these are my sisters, Beth and Bianca."

"Hi, it's s nice to meet you. Brad's never brought home a girl before." 

"Yeah, you must be special." Bianca said, following Beth's comment. I'd recognized Bianca from school. a freshman, I think. She wore her lips dark red, much like I did all the time. "You're so pretty." Beth had whispered something into Bianca's ear after I thanked her. Both of their heads snapped towards Bradley. He was staring at me, not any ordinary stare, with a grin on his face. The rain still dripping from his blonde hair. He turned a shade of pink as I pretended to get the rest of the dampness out my locks. I'd met his parents a few minutes ago. They were nice, friendly. And Bradley looked so much like his mother, it was ridiculous. Her name was Shelly, but I stuck to ma'am. 

His dad was kinda quiet, but he mostly gave off a positive vibe. His smile seemed quite stiff, but welcoming. He'd left to make coffee for everyone, and we were left awkwardly in the living room. His mom looked nervous as she shooed us to the couch, and I sat next to Beth, the eldest of the two girls. "I hear you went to group with Brad recently." Shelly said, sitting on the ottoman a few feet away.

"Yes, I enjoyed it very much. The church is beautiful." I told her, and she blushed.

"It's quite something, I'm so glad you liked it." 

Bradley seemed to think that it was the appropriate time to hold my hand. I watched as Bianca noticed, and she sighed. My eyes went sad for her. 

I squeezed his hand with my shivering one.


I sipped my coffee, trying not to giggle as Bradley kicked at my feet under the table. I felt like a different person in this place. His family was nice, and real. I wasn't afraid to break the silence whenever it came around. And the awkwardness had faded away faster than I thought it would. His mom would put her hand over mine every now and then, and I laughed hard at his dad's corny jokes whenever he joined us at the table. He's excused himself a few times. I bonded with Bianca, talking about different electives and interests. Beth told me about her job at the ice cream parlor by the beach just a few miles away. 

A moment of silence washed over, and I didn't exactly have anything to say to cover it. 

"I like her." Brad's dad's said, smiling at him. 

"I guess you're stuck with me now." he laughed, and I blushed, because I didn't mind. 

He made me forget about Gia and Kyra and that stupid dare. He made me forget about my unloyal mom and and dead father. I felt safe in the environment, not judged or looked at. It was warm and homey. I was accepted. Even by his little sister, who knew my reputation and my ways in school.  

"Alright guys, she has to be home in ten minutes. I think she's had enough of you for one night." Bradley stood up and got my jacket from the rack by the stairs. I got to my feet, along with everyone else. Shelly hugged me willingly, a good squeeze. I gave Beth and Bianca a quick embrace and waved to his dad who was picking up the mugs from the table. I admitted how nice it was to meet them and Bradley grabbed my hand. 

As we walked to the door, his dad must've dropped the mugs, because we heard a loud crash. And then something surprised me. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" his father yelled, or rather roared. "Bianca!" she ran to him, and their mom was embarrassed as she looked at the ground. Brad pulled me outside, and Beth gladly closed the door behind us. 

When we got to the truck he lifted me off my feet and gently dropped me on the seat, leaving a kiss to my lips, distracting me from what just occurred. 

I had no clue what had just happened. 

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