Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


4. the twist


At school I kept staring at Harry why did he asked me that did he care? When our eyes met from time to time instead of smirking he look serious. Before I went to the cafeteria I stop at the girl's bathroom I heard crying. I walked in to see Johanna crying on the floor with bruises and blood on her face. That's when I ran up to her and said " OMG Johanna who did this to you?" Johanna responded " Harry and his friends" that's when I thought how can Harry do such a thing he seem very nice I just felt bad for Johanna every girl is beautiful not even if they don't have a perfect face or body. That's when I took Johanna to the nurse.


When I was walking to lunch I suddenly got pushed next into a empty classroom that's when I saw Harry and his friends hover over me. Then Harry said "now you little ugly troll don't scream or will just hurt you even more" then he and his friends started beating me up that's when I heard Niall say "guys let's leave this troll and go get food" then they headed to the cafeteria. As soon as they walked out the door I ran to the girl's bathroom I started to cry my life was never perfect I lived with my aunt because my parents died in a car crashed I was the only one to survive my aunt took care of me I loved her she was like my mom and since she isn't married or have children so I'm like her daughter but I never told her I was bullied I know she'll freak out and tell the principal and just make it more worse for me. When Denny took me to the nurse she looked worry but I was scarred if she told the principal that Harry was the one who beat me up and Harry finds out Harry would make her life even more miserable then mine.


I didn't see Denny or Johanna in my last class I was started to worry if the troll told Denny that I beat her up then Denny would hate me. That when the teacher said " Mr. Styles please go to the principal's office " damn it that troll did tell Denny. When I walked over to the principal's office I saw my mom and she looked angry. That's she yelled almost bursting my ear drum "Harold how dare you hit a lady didn't I raise you better?" Then the principal said " Mr. Styles your suspended for bulling". Then me and my mom headed back home. I walked to my room I wanted to beat Denny and the troll so bad that's when I noticed that school was almost over that's when I got my phone and texted Louis.

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