Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


5. new victim


I was going to make Denny's life a living hell. She really shouldn't of pick Louis over me. So me and my 4 mates are going to bully her until she regrets picking Louis not me but I didn't tell Louis that.


I decided to walk home it was a beautiful day. When I passed an alley someone pulled me by the wrist into the alley. Then someone slapped me causing my cheek to sting I open my eyes to see Harry and his friends then all of a sudden Louis punched my stomach then he yelled "you stupid slut why do guys even like you your disgusting!" What the hell were there problem? Then Zayn pushed me against I brick wall which made me wince in pain then I felt a tear roll down my cheek then they started kicking me all four except Niall he just stood there giving me an apologetic look. Then all of a sudden every thing went black.

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