Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


23. New love?

Zayn's POV

I know you cant hook with your best friend's ex but i mean i'm not going to fall in love i'm just going to use her for a little adventure. Plus its Harry's fault, i wouldn't be here with her right now if he hadn't cheated on her. i kinda felt bad for her i mean she got cheated on and i'm just using her for bad intentions. '' ZAYN!" I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts by Dens "huh what?" i said not hearing her speak to me "i asked you if i can spend the night" Dens said. "sure!" i quickly snapped.

Denise's POV

i wanted to spend the night at Zayn's, i'm starting to have feelings for him. he seemed like a awesome guy. after school we hopped in his car and headed to his house. he turned up the radio and "Ain't It Fun" by paramore came on, i was literately dancing in my seat "you must be a huge paramore fan" Zayn said. i nodded. when we got to his Harry was waiting outside "shit" i mumble. zayn chuckled "don't worry i'll take care of him" he walked out and said "wait here" 

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