Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


2. New Life !

Denise's POV

I woke up and got ready for school. I asked my mom if she could take me to school but she said" sorry darling I have to go to work early so that meant I had to take the bus . I always hated busses even in California. When I was at the bus stop I saw this kid with beautiful green eyes they reminded me of Harry's eyes that's when I asked for his name he said his name was Harry Styles that's when I said " OMG do you remember me Denise Jones" he said " yeah we use to be friends". That's when the bus came.


I saw her beautiful eyes it was Denise. In the bus I sat next to Louis, she sat next to the nerd Johanna. Her and Johanna must have a lot in common because they kept giggling and laughing.


I sat next to this girl named Johanna she seem very nice and funny but I can tell she had no friends because she said she was bullied since the age of 7 and nobody cared accept for her dad but he is always on business trips. We had the same home room. When I walked in my home room everybody turned and stared some boys even whistle which made me uncomfortable In California nobody actually thought I was hot. That's when the teacher said "can you hand me your schedule Ms. Jones" after a minute or two he said " since you have the same exact classes as Mr . Styles you can sit next to him". I took a seat next to him, I could see with the corner of my eye that he kept starring at me which made uncomfortable. Then the teacher said " Mr. Styles stop starring at Ms. Styles" I turned around and saw him blushing then I started giggling. After that I had gym. The girls were truly disgusting they were grinding in front of the mirror and slapping each other's assess. I made a friend her name was Isabel. While we where stretching I notice Harry was hanging out with two dudes the dudes where extremely hot I practically drooled over them.


I was hanging out with Dylan and Kyle that's when Kyle said " dude that new girl is fuckin hot" then Dylan said " look Kyle she's checking you out" I don't know why but I suddenly became jealous it was true she was really hot. " dude I'm seriously asking her out" Kyle said, that seriously made me red with anger but I just really wanted her. Then I saw Kyle talking to Denise.


Me and Isabel were stretching then came a guy that was hanging out with Harry and said " hi I'm Kyle I believe we haven't met?" Then I said " hi my name is Denise, yeah I was born here but move at the age of 10 then came here again." Kyle said " cool were did you move to?" " California" I responded. Then Kyle asked me out that's when Isabel elbow me then I responded. " yes" then he went back to Harry.

@skipping all the way to lunch@

I sat next to Isabel and Johanna we were talking when someone through a screwed up piece of paper. I got it and red it


That's when I turned to look at Harry and we stare at each other's eyes then I turned around and Isabel asked " wow Denny you sure are a guy magnet" I just blushed. I met Harry at the park. We sat on the swings were we always use to go when we were little and we had a conversation.

Harry: hi Denny

Me: Denny?

Harry: yeah that's my nick name for you

Me: that's what you used to call me when we were little

Harry: Denise didn't you have a brother one year younger then you?

( my eyes started to get watery soon one tear went down my cheek then Harry wiped it with his sleeve)

Me: thanks, yeah he died in California

Harry: how?

Me: he killed himself in our bathroom

Harry: why?

Me: he used to get bullied In school

Harry: didn't he tell you and your mom that he got bullied

Me: no

Harry: we should head home

Since me and Harry are neighbors we walked home together and talked

Harry: do you know that your mom put my mom in charged of you if something happens to her?

Me: yeah your mom is like a second mom to me

I arrived home were my mom asked me " darling where have you been?" I blushed and responded " I went to the old park and talk to Harry" since my mom is a hopeless romantic said " aawwhh that's so sweet" then I responded " I don't like him plus I already have a date on Saturday" then mom said " you used to have the biggest crush on Harry anyway who's the lucky guy's name?" I responded" Kyle".

@next day@


Omfg I'm so happy it's Friday well kinda I can't stand that Kyle is going out with Denny tomorrow. I saw Denny at the bus stop she look breath taking like always. I couldn't stand the idea of Denny going out with Kyle so I asked " Denny if you could go out with any of my friends or me who would it be?"


Harry asked me " if I could go out with any of his friends or him?" Since I remember when I was little I would love to pissed Harry out I responded "Louis" actually I would.

Hi guys it's me neongirl2546 I hope you like the story by the way I imagine Denise like Camila Cabello I'm a huge Cammary fan

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