Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


28. New Job


Harry sat on my bed trying to comfort me. i don't know why but i just wanted to hug him and cry my eyes out but before i can even talk to him. someone barge in. 

hi guys its neongirl2546 if you guess are hendall fans then just hang on because i need it for the rest of the story so please no rude comments.

OMFG it was Kendall Jenners "HARRY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE WITH......HER" well i'm definitely not wanted.  "calm down it's just an old friend" old? what was that suppose to mean, i'm not his friend anymore?, am i too old? "right just an 'old' friend" she said with air quotations. bitchy much? um...never knew she was a total bitch in real life. guess the camera helps.....ALOT. If looks could kill i would already be dead because the minute Kendall walked in because she's shooting me daggers. the fuck is wrong with her? she can have Harry it's all hers, don't worry anyways because i bet you he only digs rich and famous people. i can tell Harry was pretty annoyed by her attitude because he was rolling his eyes. then they both left "thank god" i mumble under my breath. i put lucky ones by lana del rey and that really wasn't a good idea because it reminded me of the day i grew feelings for Zayn, since he sang it that day and i fell asleep in his lap. so i turned it off and fell asleep. i woke up the next morning craving Starbucks. should i just walk out the house? our should i just wait for them to wake up then telling them i'm going to Starbucks? screw it i'm going to Starbucks. so i hopped in the shower, then brushed my teeth then i put on black skinny jeans, red long-sleeve shirt, and black combat boots. then i grabbed my phone and wallet and headed out side. since Starbucks was a block away i walked there. at Starbucks i took my order and paid for it all the tables were full except one with a guy around my age, so i sat with him.

me- is it okay if i sit here?

him- sure, my name is Alex

me- hi Alex, nice to meet you, how old are you?

Alex- 20

me- oh, i'm 19

Alex- cool, in what do you work?

Me- i'm a fashion designer

Alex- cool, i'm a paramedic 

after about an hour of talking about our lifes he seems interesting so i gave him my number. i walked back home with a HUGE smile on my face. when i got home the boys were on the couch then they noticed my huge smile because Louis asked "what's up? why are you acting like miss sunshine?" "i met this really awesome guy, his name is Alex, He's 20, He also is a paramedic" at what i said Zayn and Harry tensed up but Liam, Louis, Niall  seemed happy. after that i got to work and took their measurements and prepare there clothes for the Midnight Memories tour. since it's tomorrow.

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