Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


27. 2 years later

2 years later*


its been 2 years that me and Zayn have been a couple. after about 6 months Harry excepted our relationship. today is the day my 4 brothers and my love are going on tour."DONT FORGET ABOUT ME WHEN YOU BECOME FAMOUS" i yell before they catch there flight to start there Up All Night tour. but they did forget, they forgot they had someone back home that still missed them. everyday we would skype, call, text but every day they would call less, skype less.text less. when they left i went to college and studied to be a fashion designer. Now i design clothing. 

present day

me and zayn lost contact and soon there were rumors about him and Perrie Edwards so i took that like he broke up with me. today i was catching my flight for LA i was designing clothes for a superstars i prayed to god that it would be Beyonce i would love for it to be her. When i got there i got into a taxi and gave him the address to the star's pen. when i got there, there were 2 security guards outside. they asked me for my name "Denise Cuevas" they nodded and took my suitcases and led me inside. when i got inside and saw who i was working for i could of just run outside scream and explode.....i was working for. One Direction. "Dens?" Niall asked, i nodded my head he was about to hug me but i stopped him before he could "Don't Hug Me" i growled. he gave me a confused look. then the 4 other boys came in. they all looked at me surprised. This Totally Isn't Beyonce. "were will i be staying" i said breaking the awkward silence. "i'll take you" Zayn said. i follow him upstairs he takes my suitcases and puts them down in a big bedroom that size of my kitchen and living room. "Dens i can explain about me not con-" i cut him off by saying "don't worry i should've known you becoming famous means you need a famous girlfriend not a normal girl" "Dens you know that isn't true" he said, "please just leave" i said while pointing at the door. i sat on the bed, it was so big a whole family could sleep on it. i went to the bathroom put my phone on shuffle, fireflies by Ron Pope came on, i stripped down and stepped in the shower and let the cold water hit me. after i showered i put on a black tank top and red sweats and went to bed and designed a wedding dress. then 3 boys barged in "DENS WE MISSED YOU!" Liam, Louis, Niall screamed making my ear drums hurt there were about to hug me but i stopped them "don't touch me" i said they gave me confused looks "why?" Louis said now showing hurt in his eyes "WHY?! YOU WANNA KNOW WHY?! YOU FUCKING FORGOT THAT I WAS EVEN ALIVE WHICH CLEARLY MEANT YOU FUCKING DONT CARE ABOUT ME SO INSTEAD OF HUGGING YOUR OLD NORMAL FRIEND GO HUG YOUR STUPID RICH AND FAMOUS FRIENDS!" I said they now all have hurt in there eyes "Dens were sor-" i cut Liam "DONT FUCKING DENS ME YOUR NOT SORRY" i yelled they just left leaving me there with tears slipping out of my eyes. "they fucking don't care about me they only care about themselfs" i mumble to myself "we care about you sleeping beauty" Harry said, he put me sleeping beauty because i used to sleep ALOT. he sat next to me on the bed.

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