Hello, What's Your Name?

Can't say, gives away too much info :3 But I can say, don't expect much... I've been busy!


4. Chapter 4

Lizzie's POV:

We stood in silence. He smiled slightly. "What?" I asked. "Nothing." He replied as his smile faded. I gave him a death stare. "OK! I need glasses and when I get them, I'll be able to see you clearly." He said. I nodded. "Would you find it weird if I had a split personality?" He asked. "What do you mean?" I asked, confused. "Well, I have a split personality. One part is crazy and the other part is calm. If I get excited or when I'm really happy, I go crazy. I don't even know happened most the time. It takes awhile to snap out of it..." He said, sounding awkward. "It's OK. Things happen. Everyone's their own person. Well, in your case, own people." I said, laughing. He laughed a bit, too. We went inside and I started to tease him. "I  think it's safe to say, You, Dragon and Dean are my best friends." I said. "Awesome." He said. I liked Zack... a lot. I felt like I've known his for awhile, we were just split apart. I smiled and so did he. "I feel like I've known you for awhile. I feel like I can trust you with anything." I said. "I know, I feel the same way." He said. I bit my bottom lip. "Something wrong?" He asked. "No, just thinking." I replied. He looked at me. "About what?" He asked. "Whether or not to hug you. I don't hug anyone, aside from Dean and Dragon." I replied. "Well, stop thinking. I'll hug you." He said. I laughed halfheartedly. He hugged me and I felt awkward. I hugged him back after a moment. His hands slowly slid down towards my ass. I slapped his hands. "Oi! Watch where your hands are!" I snapped. "Sorry, I'm used to hugging my little sister, so I often have to have my hands low." He said. "Sure! And I'm the tooth fairy!" I said, sarcastically. He laughed. "You're funny." He said. "Thanks... I guess." I said, awkwardly. "Come on, Lizzie! You are!" He said, pulling back. "Awww! That's cute!" I said, then pretended to barf. He laughed. Suddenly, his pupils became smaller and a crazed look appeared in his eyes. A mischievous smile spread across his face. He walked towards me slowly. I stared into his eyes as I backed away slowly. Zack wasn't there anymore, it was his other side. "Zack, listen to my voice. I need you to snap out of it! Please!" I pleaded. He didn't speak a word. His green eyes bore into mine. My back hit a wall and I pushed myself against it. "Zack, please! Listen to me! I know you're in there!" I called. "I am Zack, baby girl." He said. His tone sounded... sexy. "No, you're not. You're a part of him that scares me." I said, sliding down down the wall. His hands hit the wall next to my head. He stared into my eyes. "Look at me. I am Zack!" He said. He prevented me from going any farther down the wall. "Now now, baby girl. Why so scared?" He asked. I didn't reply. He grabbed me and pinned me to the ground. "You're just too cute when you're scared, baby girl." He said. He crashed his lips to mine and his tongue found it's way through my teeth and started playing with mine. I couldn't push him away, he was too strong. I finally got on top of him. I straddled him and looked at him. "Zack! Listen to me! This isn't really you! Control it! I just want my best friend back!" I said.

Zack's POV:

"I just want my best friend back!" She said. Those were the words that pulled me into reality. She looked a me and sighed in relief. "Lizzie! I am so sorry! I don't mean to!" I said. "Zack, it's OK!" She said, smiling. "No, Lizzie, it's not! I heard your voice. I heard you try to get to me! A part of me heard it, but the other part ignored it!" I said. "Zack, stop! I said it's fine! It's over... for now. I can show you how to keep it locked away, just like I do with my feelings!" She said, looked straight into my eyes. I smirked. "You liked it, didn't you?" I asked smugly. Her face turned red. "No!" She said. "Sure." I said slyly. She punched my arm. "Oops, sorry!" She said slyly with a smug little smile. "Just help me with this." I said, annoyed. She told me what to do to control it. "Now, what I'm about to do means NOTHING! It's just to test to see if you can control it." She said. I nodded. She took a deep breath and kissed me. "Listen to my voice. Breath in and out carefully!" She ordered. I was too late. I was aware what was going on, I just couldn't control it. I pinned her down. "Hey, baby girl. I've got a surprise." I said, trying to control what I said. I crashed my lips into hers. She struggled, but soon relaxed. I could feel her gaze on me. I manged to pull me head away. Both sides of me fighting against each other. The part of me trying to stop put up a fight, but the other side was strong. She broke free and watched in worry as I rolled around on the floor. "Liz... zie! I'm... sorry!" I said, though the clenched teeth. I struggled to speak. "Listen to my voice! I believe in you Ross!" She said. I pulled myself off the ground, struggling to prevent myself from lunging at her. She grabbed my shoulders. "Ross! Please!" She said. She looked right into my eyes with worry. My body relaxed. "Sorry, baby girl. He's not coming back." I said, smirking. "Ross!" She laughed. "Sorry, I wanted to see if you'd freak out. "We're trying again!" She said. I nodded. "Remember! Nothing I'm doing means anything! We're only friends and never anything else." She said. I nodded. She kissed me, again, but held it longer then last time. This time her eyes were closed and she held onto my cheeks. She pulled away, red faced. I breathed in and out carefully. "Hey baby girl." I said. She stared at me with worry in her eyes. "Ross, don't do this!" She exclaimed. "Kidding, Lizzie!" I said, laughing. She sighed with relief. "I'm glad you could control it!" She said, hugging me. "Why did you hold the kiss for so long?" I asked. "Cuz... I wanted to make sure you could do it." She said, her face reddening. "We tell no one." She said. "See tomorrow after school." I said.

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