Hello, What's Your Name?

Can't say, gives away too much info :3 But I can say, don't expect much... I've been busy!


1. Chapter 1

Lizzie's POV:

The name's Lizzie. I'm 15 and the tallest girl is grade 8. I'm a ginger, I mean my hair is really red. I never give up, I'm competitive and I'm a misfit. I play a lot of video games, I skateboard, snowboard and I play soccer. I'm on an all boys soccer team cuz I was too rough with the girls. I listen to no one. All but one of my friends are guys. The girl is a gamer like me and doesn't care about much. Her name is Elizabeth, but I call her Dragon. She calls me Devil. I know every guy in grade 8 and they're all my friends. "Devil!" Elizabeth called. I turned and stopped walking. "Sup, Dragon?" I said. "We're getting a new guy in our class." She said. We continued to walk to school. "So? It's just another guy that will end up my friend." I said. "Ya, I know, but still. Show some emotion for once." She said. "I already told you. I show emotion plenty. I show it when I play soccer and when I'm happy." I said. She rolled her eyes. I put my headphones on and listened to my music. No one knew what I listened to cuz they'd think of me as a different person. Well, not with all my songs. When I was around people, I listened to the music everyone would expect I would listen to. It's also my favourite type of music. When I was alone, I didn't. I listened to other things. "Earth to Devil. We're at school now!" Elizabeth said. "Oh, sorry. Lost in my music." I said. "Cool." She said. A soccer ball rolled up to my feet. "Yo, Devil! Kick it!" Dean called. "Heads up!" I shouted, drop kicking the ball. "Lizzie! Put on your jacket." One of the teachers yelled. "Don't got one!" I yelled back. They rolled their eyes. "Why don't you ever have a jacket?" Elizabeth asked. "Cuz, I'm not bothered by the cold." I said. "But it's the middle of winter!" She said. "I don't care." I said, putting my headphones back on. I walked towards the soccer field. Our soccer games went though out winter, so, we always played.

Zack's POV:

Name's Zack. I'm 15. I play tons of video games, I snowboard, skateboard and basketball. I don't listen very often. I got out of my car and walked toward the building. I walked past a girl with headphones. I could hear her music. She looked up at me for a split second, before running towards the field. "Hey yo, Dean! Pass it!" She yelled. She kicked the ball and it went straight into the net. Cute and athletic. I thought. I could tell she was different just by looking at her. When classes started, I was in her class. She was the tallest one in the room.  "All soccer players on the boys team please go to the field for practice." The principal said over the PA. "That's our cue, guys. Let's go." The girl said and left with a bunch of guys. Why'd she go if it's for the boy's team? I wondered. Around lunch, I was invited to sit with some guys. "Hey, new guy. The name's Dean. Yours?" Dean asked. "Zack." I said. "So, Zack. You coming to watch the soccer game after school?" Dean asked, sitting beside me. "Ya, sure. Sounds fun." I said. "Hey, Devil!" One of the guys yelled. "Sup bii?" A girl responded. "Come on, before someone takes your seat!" He said. "Everyone knows not to take my spot." She said, sitting at the table. Dean nudged her. "Hey, Devil. The new guy's coming to watch the game." Dean said. "Cool." She said. After school, it was cold and snowy. According to Dean, they played soccer no matter what the weather is. I sat on the bleachers. The game started and I saw that girl again, out on the field. She was awesome at soccer. "Back flip, back flip!" Everyone chanted. She put her hand up to indicate to wait. The ball rolled to her feet, then there was a blurred motion. Everyone cheered as the ball flew throw the air and landed in the net. Apparently, she had kicked the ball as she did a backhand spring. I watched in awe. When the game was over, our school won by 25 points to 1. 

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