Kiss Me ( One Direction Fan Fic)

She's not a fan. Charlotte will never be . If anything she hates them. They don't understand why she does. Charlotte is a very not understood person. Why do they take such and effort on her. Past, Present, Future is the answer to the question. Read to find out.


4. chapter 4

I walk past him. He grabs my shoulder and I turn to face him. His chocolate eyes pushing me on edge. I missed him. He used to be my best friend. He began bullying me for friend and apologized afterwards. One day he stopped apologizing and hanging out with me. Everything went downhill fast after that.

"I miss you." I said quietly

" You do?"

" yeah. You seem fine without me. Don't you dare start missing me when I'm done missing you. Because I have already begun." I spat

"Chalo, I-" that was his nickname for me

"No- call me Charlotte." I raced down the stairs

Niall bumps into me as well as Harry. They apoligize and ask whats wrong. Tears forming in my eyes

I chuckled " It just hit me. Of how little I mean to everybody and nobody would notice if I disappeared. You don't know how long I have wasted tears over Zayn." I say as he appears at the bottom of the stairs. "Do you ever feel like everyone is sick of you?I don't anymore because I just realized I am strong. I don't need you Zayn. I just need you guys." I point to the 4 boys siting at the table.

"Why me? Why did you choose me to be your friend?" Zayn said

I chuckled at the memory of the first time we met. " You saw me when I was invisible. But when I was visible you hurt me" I frowned " You broke me. You broke my heart. And I hate myself because I still Love you. And I hate you for being the one that I love." Btw that was a Carrie Diaries quote.

" Im sorry" he says as Harry pulls me into a tight hug, kissing my forehead. Zayn walks to the door and walks out the door. I begin to cry. Wow. I'm

Glad I got that off my chest.

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