Kiss Me ( One Direction Fan Fic)

She's not a fan. Charlotte will never be . If anything she hates them. They don't understand why she does. Charlotte is a very not understood person. Why do they take such and effort on her. Past, Present, Future is the answer to the question. Read to find out.


3. Chapter 3

"Hi..guys. Remember Charlotte? Well she needs a place to stay.So she can stay here!" The boys cheer as Harry says that

Louis runs up to me hugs me lifting me off my feet

"YAY! Rommies! You can stay in my room! I have 2 beds! You can meet Eleanor! You guys can be besties! Wait...We can all be besties! The 3 Musketeers. The 3 Amigos'!" He yells squeezing me to death.

I feel light headed and cross my eyes as he squeezes me. The boys yell Louis to get off and he does as told. My face is blue and pale. He looks at me with concerned eyes. I stick my tongue out at Harry snickering at me. I see Zayn eyeing me. His gaze makes me uncomfortable. Was it something I was wearing? Nah. I was wearing a skirt and a cropped white sweater and combat boots and a beanie. Nothing too showy. That means something else is wrong.

" Take a picture, Zayn. It will last longer." I say and cover my mouth with my hand. I didn't mean to say that out loud. His eyes thin out as everyone laughs. He gets up and says " Have fun.."

Ouch. That hurt. I roll my eyes and snicker. Harry goes to talk to him. I'm left to talk to Niall, Liam, and Louis. We have declared ourselves best friends in the 20 minutes that Harry and Zayn left us. Harry comes back and says Zayn needs to talk to me. I go to his room and knock on the door.

"Charlotte?' He asks

" The one and only" I say

"come in please" I do so. I plop in the chair by the door. 

"What's up, Zanie?" He looks at me with concerned looks. He then snickers

"You have no idea who I am do you?" I shake my head

" I'm Zayn. Zayn Maliak. I bullied you in the 6-8th grade?" He says

" I remember-" I say. He made it worse by bulling me. My mom died a day before he started. Tears slip out of my eyes.  He caused all this. He caused my depression. He caused my pain. He caused me to make scars in myself.

" Look im sorry-" He starts 

I shake my head "Really? You are?" I rolled up my sleeves" You cause this. I hate you, Zayn Maliak. I hate you." His eyes start to water "Why are you crying? I thought you took joy out of seeing other people suffer." I reach for the door and he grabs my hand. I spin around and kick him in the place no one wants to be kicked in and I run out the door when he releases my hands. I run downstairs and go to the couch and bury my head in Liam's neck. He asks what's wrong. I don't answer. I just dose off to sleep with his arms around me. He made me feel safe.

I awake in a bed and in some boxers and a long tee shirt. I look at the clock. It is 12:00 p.m. I spring out of bed seeing Louis laying on another bed across the room. I shriek making him scream falling of the bed. Oops.  

" BLOODY HELL, LOTTE! WHAT WAS THAT?!" He yells into the carpet.

"You scared me"

" By sleeping?!" He get up and gives me a hug and goes to the restroom. 

I walk out my room and down the stairs. Everyone except for Zayn is there. Great. The boys stare at me with wide eyes. I look down and see what I am wearing

" Stop being perverts" I say sitting down at the table next to Harry.

" You look sexy" Harry says

" You look like you got hit with a bus" I say smirking.

"Thanks a lot" He says sarcastically

"No problem Captain Comebacks"

" Don't thank me Daisy Dumbo"

" No shit Sherlock"


I turn my attention to Liam and Niall fighting over a piece of Bacon. 

" Give it to me and I'll split it for you" I say

they hand me the bacon. Foolish boys. I plop the bacon in my mouth. \

" See 0/3 for Niall and the same of Liam and a whole for me. See? Even." I say. The boys groan and mutter something. I walk upstairs to change. I open my dresser to find a load of clothes. I pull on a gray crop top and jeans and boots. Harry said we would go out for a walk today. I walk out my room after I changed to see Zayn waiting outside my door.


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