Be my snow white.

A boy interning at a hospital is shocked when he stumbles across a room with a long-forgotten girl with hair as black as night, lips as red as red as a rose, and skin as fair as snow. Stunned by her sudden appearance, he delves into old records to discover who she is.


1. 1

It felt like I was frozen. What was going on? This was the basement! Why was this girl down here? And who had moved the equipment attached to her down here?

       Freed from the momentary paralysis, I moved closer to the girl. She was, in a word, beautiful. She had skin as fair as snow, her lips, red as blood practically, and her hair was as black as night. She looked like the living counterpart of Snow White.

       Snap out of it, Jimmy, I thought to myself. Look for her medical chart.

       I moved down to the bottom of the bed she lay in, looking for a chart. Where the metal board should have been there was nothing. I looked around the room, careful not to wake the sleeping girl. I couldn't find anything.

       I gave up, and walked back to look at the girl. She looked like she was still fast asleep.

       What was wrong with her? And why was she in the basement? The rooms down here haven't been used in decades.

       My phone started to go off. I pulled it out of my pocket quickly - i didn't want to wake her.

       "Hey, Jimmy," I said, my voice a little hushed.

       "Where have you been for the past half hour?" My boss, Zeta, demanded. "I sent you down to the basement for one thing. Not a hundred!"

       "I know, Zeta, but-" I said quickly.

       "You know, do you? Then whats taking so long?"

       "I found someone," I said.

       "Yes there are many amazing medical artifacts, but now is not the time to admire them."

       "No, i didn't find something. I found someone," I stressed. "A girl is down here."

       "A lost child,"

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