Renessmee's imprint life.

Hi I'm renessmee and this is my diary and it tells you all about the antics that me and my family get upto.but what is going to happen when I realise two is that Jacob had actually imprinted on me and two that I nursed a gigantic crush on his.


2. Dear diary

(My room above)*look below for more details*

Dear diary 3 may 2013 age 5 looks 11mental age 17 my room 10:00pm,


i am writing this under torch light,mom and dad are making out and other things in the room across the hall.icam supposed to be sleeping but I have a certain someone on my mind.yawn.i Sam soctired I saw Taylor swift this afternoon with my current BFF and mom.Clary(my current BFF got 3 tickets and invited me and my mom to see her as her mom was busy)is a little tomboyish,but she would give life and soul to see Taylor swift.

sorry diary gotta go mom and dad are emerging from their room and I can here dad talking about checking on me.will write more soon.


*there are two beds in my room cause I like both of then so I can choose which to sleep in and then if I have a sleepover they can sleep on there*




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