Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


13. The Daily Prophet

Ever since the news about me in the photo, things became serious. Teachers were begging to not trust me as much. Neither were my friends. Hogwarts was never the same again. But how would i know, I'm not there. I forced to be taken away for Christmas as i could not stand seeing the place alone without friends by my side."Marcus, hes ready." Said Matt. I got up and tucked my chair under the table. I walked down the street a bit and turned left into Quality Quidditch Supplies. I went behind the desk and out back to a wide open area.

"This is all the broomsticks we have back here to sell." Said dad.

"Cool, wow there's so many here. This place is huge." I said.

"What you like to try one?"


I followed my dad and sat on a broom. It began to lift fast as i took off right away. "I want a broom." 

"Haha maybe next year. I will get you one but not till your in your second year."

Matt caught up with me. He entered as we all heard the desk open and shut, we all looked at the door. It opened as Matt walked in. I leaned back to slow down and headed straight for the ground. I turned left and directly into Matt. I flew right and out the way in time. 

"Come see this Marcus." He said.

We both sat down in the Leaky Cauldron and Matt passed me a newspaper. "Its the only newspaper that people hate, it tells lies and sometimes things people don't want to get out."

I opened the first page. I saw a picture of my photo and my name in big bold letters above it. It swirled around making a smiley face like it was laughing at me. I heard the laughter and lost it, i knocked over my chair. I didn't know what to do.


Matt tucked his wand away a dragged me out as everyone stared and then all looked at the burning newspaper, The Daily Prophet. In Diagon Alley there were people starring at me everywhere and were being handed the newspapers every second. 

"What do i do?" I mumbled.

"Uh...I... Don't know." Cried Matt. "Nobody else in our family can know about this. Right?"



Sirius P.O.V

Azkaban was dark i turned at my door and pulled down my dirty old uniform. There was The Daily Prophet. I picked it up and sat in my bed lying down. I read the whole article."Don't worry my little Marcus I'll be coming to get you, and Harry Potter. Your my family, both of you!"

"Stop mumbling to yourself." Screamed Bellatrix next door.

"I have family to get to." I said. I looked up and closed my eyes, i gave a little smile. "Don't worry I'm coming to get you away from those horrid people."


Marcus P.O.V

I ran and caught up with Matt catching my breathe. We made it to the Hogwarts Express in time. We sat waiting for others. "You do know we're like ten minutes early." I said whilst catching my breathe again. 

"Yer... Best to get here on time." Laughed Matt. "Yer know."

"I do know but i don't yer know."

"I dunno you keep saying yer all day today." I said.

A while later it was three minutes left. We began to get on. Matt ran through and i came tumbling after. The wall was like another place as soon as you enter it. 

"Hey Nathan, Aaron."

"Hey." Smiled Nathan.

"Great you're here." Said Aaron.


"I didn't mean it like that, i meant great cause now we can fill the seats up and have no person we don't know sitting with us."

Michael ran up to me.

"Finally found you... Since we met... At the hall. Alot going on hey?"

"Yes. I guess."

We heard the whistle as we all boarded the train. Back to Hogwarts.






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