Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


10. Ravenclaw Vs Hufflepuff

After the match from Gryffindor against Slytherin it was time for Ravenclaw against Hufflepuff. I sat in the stands watching my cousin Jacob as he flew past us and warming up for the game. 

Jacob P.O.V

I leaned forward as my broomstick went mush faster. I was the seeker and awaiting for the arrival of the golden snitch to get the game on.

"Lets the game begin." Said Madam Hootch.

The quaffle was straight into the air as one of the ravenclaw's stole it. They past it to another player, a Hufflepuff boy had snatched it back, he flew past me slowly. He threw the quaffle and missed by miles. Ravenclaw were laughing in the stands. I saw the Hufflepuff seeker begin to chase after the snitch. I followed, speeding away i felt the wind blow my hair around and my robes flying up. I tackled the Hufflepuff seeker as he flew left and behind a stand then back through again. He flew straight into me but i dodged it and flew over him. The seeker tried again as for i did to. I hit him hard and he fell down to the grass and skidded making mud fly everywhere around him. He done a double barrel roll and landed head first and fell as his broom went flying straight into the teachers stand. I went for the snitch as a beater aimed for me and whacked the ball straight at me knocking me down to and grabbing the snitch just in time. "Is it true? Yes Ravenclaw have one the match."

I lost the snitch i never caught it. It flew into the Forbidden Forest as for a Hufflepuff player took place and became the new seeker coming right at me. We left the stand in seconds and started hitting trees left and right. I flew faster and hit my head on a branch a cut appeared and made it bled. The over Hufflepuff boy came inches away from the snitch and was hit straight into a tree. I took my chances and went for the snitch, we came around the Herbology Greenhouses. The snitch smashed the glass all around and i dodged going up and almost hitting a gargoyle over. I made it back to the quidditch pitch and caught the snitch right in the center of it all.

Marcus P.O.V

I watched Jacob land and dismount his broom. People crowded around him cheering. They all went to Ravenclaw common room to celebrate.

"You alright, what about that cut there?" Said Maisey.

"Im fine, i got this." Laughed Jacob. he joined in with the others singing. Maisey sat down.

"You alright." I said.

"Yes its cold. Anyway its Christmas next week."

Nathan and Aaron came in. "What are you doing Marcus?"

"I dunno i might go home this year and see how things are going... Anyway everyone will want to hear about how its going so far."

"Well keep in touch over Christmas." Smiled Maisey.

"Hey guys yesterday was great playing gobstones all day. There's a secret Wizards Duel in the dungeons wanna come. Draco's gonna be there, I'm not sure about Harry." Said Aaron.

Aaron showed me his map and pointed to where it was placed. I followed him as he gave an emotion to follow. We walked down the stairs of the Great Hall and right to the bottom. "There's a passage that takes you to the dungeons on the other side of the castle."

"So are we going this way, do you know the password.?" I said.

"Yes we do." I said Nathan.

We walked in and down the corridor.

"Welcome enter is you can, only a Slytherin can get in. Do you know the password?" Said the portrait.

"Yes its... Pure Blood."

"Wrong that's to Slytherin Common room. Try again if you must."

"Wow there common room, get in."

A Slytherin boy was spotted by Aaron walking down the corridor.

"Wangle wort." He said.

They boy walked through the portrait and the portrait closed.

"Wangle wort." Said Aaron.

"Nope you cannot enter you had to hide and find out for yourself that's cheating." Said the women in the portrait.

"But we know the password so you have to let us in, there's nothing you can do." I said.

"I suppose so you got me there welcome."

We all stepped inside the portrait and entered the dungeons. We saw a wall that closed and two Slytherin boys guarding it.

"Welcome to the dungeons." Smiled Nathan.



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