Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


6. Ravenclaw CommonRoom

On the fifth floor a door was in front of us. I stood at front with George behind me and Beth next to me who was a prefect. "OK so were here now, this is Ravenclaw common room." She said.

"Ah, there you lot are. I'm sorry Beth! But i was suppose to be leading these lot here thanks... and goodbye." Said a boy who bumped into Beth and knocking her out of the way. "This way please."

The door knob knocked and the door opened slowly. I stepped inside and right before me was a wide open are full with golden stairs and blue carpets and sofas everywhere. There were bookcases and chess sets, and a door on both sides each leading to boys or girls dormitory's. I sat near the fire and put my feet up on a stool.

"Hey guys." Said Maisey.

She sat down next to me on the sofa. "This is one of my friends who is in Ravenclaw. Shannon."

I put my feet down and looked at Maisey who was sat up with a book in her lap.

"Whats that?"

"Its one of the books on the list from Diagon Alley. I been reading it on the train."
"We have lessons soon don't we?"

"Gosh yes how can you not remember. We are with Hufflepuff for Charms." Smiled Maisey.

Shannon sat on the other side of Maisey. She pushed her brown hair back and played with the curls in them.

"Uh... I'm going to unpack, you coming?" Said George.

"Yes in a minute." I said.

Maisey gave a little smile and walked off with Shannon. Shannon looked back a waved.


"What is it." Said George.

"Shes that girl from the boat, you remember that don't you."

"Oh yeah."

George pulled face. "Come on."

I jumped up and followed George. We walked up the golden stairs and opened the door, inside was another big room but slightly round. It was golden and blue aswell. The beds were all lined up and a few rooms which were for other years. I saw Jacob coming out of one. I followed George again.

"I think its this way." He said.

"This does has first years in."

I opened the door slightly a bit more and all the boys stared at us.

"Its alright its just other first years." Cheered a boy.

"Hey your Steven McDonald." Said George.

I look at the boy as my eyebrows showed an emotion.

"Who?" I said.

Steven closed the curtains around his bed and climbed out. I put my trunk on the bed next to his. As George was next to me by a window.

"Wow look out here its so beautiful and we're so high up." I said. I shut the door as the few others all sat at the end of their beds in a circle all ready for bed. I climbed onto mine and listened to what they were saying.

"So i hear your friends with Maisey, George." Said Steven.

"What Uh... Yeah only just. So how would you know."

"We all like to know whats going on and we all see everything."

"Well that's not very private or creepy at all." I said. 

"And you are. You little squirt." Said Steven.

"Marcus. If i were you which i really am glad im not, then i would be quiet." I sneered.

Some people started laughing at Steven.

"Well that's not very nice, and by the way shes mine!"

Steven looked at me for about thirty seconds with an evil look and sat back into bed. I looked at the others and they were acting like i did something wrong.

"Don't worry about Steven. He's trying to be popular."

I sat back too and closed my eyes.

I suddenly saw me with George sat in the great hall... Steven was there to. He was taking his wand out and casting a spell i flung back and hit the ground, i looked up and saw a green light flash before Georges eyes. Then Maisey was there helping me up and Steven was gone.

I opened my eyes for real and saw Maisey right into my face.

"Please don't." I said.

"Sorry i guess that was a bit to close huh."

"Yeah, wait why are you in the boys dorm!"

"Oh sorry again. The others when i came to see you and George. George was told by Steven that there wasn't much food left from breakfast. So hes gone rushing down. Then Steven said you were already gone and i knew he was lying so i had to check."

"Wow. Thanks for coming then."

"I'll wait outside for you."

Maisey smiled and left the room.


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