Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


9. Lessons

Outside in Hogwarts grounds was amazing. It was massive and quiet. "Hey down there." Screamed Jacob as he flew by on his broom, he landed slowly next to us. Where are you three off to?"

"Were going to uh... Flying lessons."

"I said there's nothing to worry about Maisey." I said.

"This is gonna be great." Chuckled George.

Jacob flew away on his broomstick and back to the quidditch pitch to practice. We had finally made it to our lesson.

"Quickly now, gather around your brooms." Said Madam Hooch.

"Wow this look bad." I said.

"Yes them aren't expensive because we can't trust you, you may go wrong like always." 

Madam Hooch tapped her wand at my chest and i stood up straight. She walked back down to the others. "On the count of three... one... two... three."

Everyone looked at the broomstick rising. Nevile was terrified. "Mr Longbottom get down here now!"

"Ahh." Nevile screamed.

He was out of control and flew straight at a statue which caught his robes and made the broomstick go off into one direction. The cape ripped and so do his robes. He fell down and landed hard. 

"Step away everyone, now you all stay on the ground please."

They left as everyone was alone. Georges broomstick rose as he was sat on it.

"George not you too." Said Maisey.

I had to go after him. I sat on my broom and took off. I know about brooms so it mustn't be too hard. Draco flew pass me whilst in the air and knocked me out of control. 

"Watch it loser. What are you doing up here!" He demanded.

"Not now Draco. Get lost." I said.

I leaned forward and went faster. Draco was trying to catch up. Harry had my back. He flew into Draco and caught Nevile's rememberale. I reached out for George's hand. It was so close. A building split us up and almost cut my hand off as for how fast we were going. I went faster. George turned to face me, i went straight for him. I hit into him as he fell back off his broom. I went down to grab him. "I got you."

"Help me..."

Harry flew under me catching George. Draco cast a spell at me. I dodged it and done a barrel roll,the spell hit Harry in the back. Draco flew past me and took down Harry. I grabbed George and fell forward off my broom. We both fell straight for the ground. I landed in a bush whilst George face pounded the ground. He looked up with a half broken face and blood pouring down his nose and from a cut on his head. Everyone ran over to him and took him to the hospital wing.

"Ow, so many leaves stuck on me." I said.

I was fine. Nothing broken.

"I feel so sorry for George he doesn't deserve anything like that." Said Maisey.


In herbology we were with Hufflepuff how were the most clever people out of the houses. I stood next to Maisey. Aaron was stood opposite me with Nathan next to him. "Today class we are learning about mandrakes." Said Professor Sprout. 

I placed my earmuffs on and got ready. Professor Sprout demonstrated what to do, we copied at the same time. Nathan pulled his out the plant pot and forgot to put earmuffs on first.

"Ahh make it stop make it stop. Aaron, Professor Sprout." He screamed.

Aaron was once laughing his head off again. I joined in.

"Guys." Said Maisey.

She handed Nathan a spare pare and he put them on right away.

"Look at those Hufflepuff getting everything right." Said Shannon with a tired face.

"I know, Professor Sprout prefers to stay with them the whole time." I said.

"Well, this is boring."

"I wonder how George is getting on."

After class we all gathered around the common room and got out our cards.

"So this all mine." I said.

"Wow so many quidditch player cards." Laughed Nathan happily.

"i know i already got this team twice now, every single one of them except the seeker. You can have them Nathan."

"Wow so cool. I can't wait to show everyone. Lets do anything we got free time for the rest of the day. What about gobstones or exploding snap." Cheered Nathan.

"Whoa whatever ok lets go."

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