Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


15. End Of Term

The word spread as people rumored about Harry Potter has gone to the third floor and has take on the three-headed dog and into the trap door. We all sat in our common room wondering what he was doing right now, and if he was alive or not. Only a few people know as for Nevile had his memory wiped for panicking about he will tell sooner or later and won't stop himself.

"You done yet?" Said George.

"Almost, this homework wasn't actually hard George." I said.

"Yeah well i don't know if I'm right or wrong." 

George peeked over my shoulder. I hit him back with a pillow. "Uh... Come on seriously." I continued finishing my homework and closed the book."Please."


I threw the book at him as he fell back trying to catch it. I stumbled out the room. "Don't loose... What am i saying just give it to me."

"You can't trust me can you?"

"No, i mean well. Anything can happen at this place."

George quickly wrote a few things down as notes and answered the rest of the questions. He handed me my homework and followed me. We walked to the Library and saw Maisey sat at a table in the corner. We went over and sat with her.

"Finishing this off for a Slytherin, they uh... Are a friend of Draco, well they said they were." Said Maisey who looked down.

"Why are you doing this. Just tell me I'll sort this out." I said. I gazed out the window and watched the snow come down like heavy rain. "Who are they?"

"A girl in her first year." Frowned Maisey.

Michael came and sat next to me.

"Hey guys." He said.

"Hey, do you know a girl in Slytherin and..."

"Marcus!" Screamed Maisey.

"What we can't let you do this." I said.


The courtyard was filled with snow and people making snowmen and having snowball fights. I found the girl behind a pile of snow and walked up to her with Michael. "Hey you." I said.

"What? Who are you?"

"Never mind that, this is yours."

I past the homework over as she caught it in mid-air. She threw it back at me.

"Give it to Maisey would you. You know her don't you? I seen you with her, you look really close."

I threw the homework into the fountain and covered the patch with snow and ice. "You little rat. Get that now!"

"Or what?" Said Michael.

She took her wand out and thought hard about what to do.

"Hah she can't do anything, what a loser." I mumbled.

"Stupefy." She called.

Michael went flying. I ran after him to help him up. She threw a snowball at me, i turned and faced her and threw one back. She fell back as it hit her face. I ran up to her and pointed my wand at her to scare her.

"Leave us alone and leave Maisey alone or else." I said. She saw a dark look in my eye.

"Ahh get away fine." She got up and shoved me away. "Just get lost i don't want to fight you little rats." She argued as she walked away.


Back in the common room Maisey was sat there worried. "What happened, I'm so dead now." She cried.

"No, your fine, she won't bother you again."

"Thank you Marcus."

Michael came between us.

"That was great, you showed her. Shes afraid now." He laughed.

Maisey hugged me and didn't stop for a while.

"I thought i was doing that forever."

"Were going home in about a few weeks." I said.

We sat by the fire watching the snow falling outside.

"So wheres George?" Said Maisey.

"Uh... We have no idea." Laughed Michael.

I thought long and hard. He must of went to the toilets or something, he will be back soon... Maybe. 




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