Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


7. Charms

The golden big doors opened as i entered the great hall. I followed Maisey down to a table and sat with her. "Hey guys." Said Shannon.

"Hey, wheres George?" Said Maisey as she smartened herself. 

"I dunno he went crazy at Steven and flew off."

"Well Steven is a spoiled little..."

A first year walked over to us. He was in Gryffindor and had smart black hair.

"Have you see whats going on out there." He rushed.

"Nevile?" Said Maisey.

"Yes come on."

Nevile rushed out of the great hall and past the golden doors. We stood at the top of the stairs at the boat house and starred down. Then turned around. "There here."

"Oh no George." I said.

We all walked over to George and Steven. Steven had two other people with him all pointing wands at George.

"Hes crazy get him." Shouted Steven.

Both of his friends were second years. They were Slytherin. "Hey guys meet my brothers there Slytherin, the hat placed me in the wrong house."

"It doesn't make mistakes. Maybe there's something inside you that's different to your family." Said Maisey.

"Unlikely." He said. One boy started cast a spell.


The orange sparks joined and hit the boy in the back and making him go flying. The spell had cast again and hit the other brother. Steven turned around and dropped his wand.

"Matt?" I said.

"Yes." He replied.

I watched the joy inside Matt as he took those two brothers on. He flipped his hair down in front of his yes and walked off.


Later we were on the grand staircase walking to floor two. "Uh its locked." Said Shannon as she tugged the door. I tried pushing the door but it was as stiff as anything. George ran into it smashing his head against it. "Your crazy George just... Let us do it."

I watched George, he sunk beneath his robes and flicked his cape around him making him out of sight.

"Uh." He groaned.

"Lets find another way, this isn't going to get us anywhere." I said.

"But the map says this way."

"Hes right. Lets go." Smiled Maisey. The others went ahead. Maisey didn't move until i looked at her.

"Whats wrong?"

"Your more than a smarty pants." She smiled and walked on.

Eventually we made it to charms after finding a secret passage luckily we were Ravenclaw so we could answer right away for the password. It was on the second floor.

"Good morning students." Said Professor Flitwick. "Lets begin."

He picked up his wand and called. "Wingardium leviousa."

The feather that was on his stand had rose and swung side to side. He moved it around the classroom and dropped the spell making it land calmly. "Give it ago."

I looked around and nobody was getting the hang of it. George was making smoke as for Seamus infront of him making even more smoke. I looked at Shannon, she was moving it around but not getting it to rise. Maisey's feather had gone wild and was moving everywhere and only just getting into the air. Lastly i tried it my self.

"Wingardium leviousa."

The wand was already moving and starting to rise. People around the area were staring at my feather which was rising slowly. "I...I got it." I smiled. "Guys look."

I looked at everyone. "Guys?"

Everyone was watching Maisey.

"Well done Maisey another person has got the hang of it." Said Professor Flitwick.

"Whoa nice." Came a boy.

"How you do that?" Came another.

I sat there and stared as everyone was crowding around us and making me squat together as others leaned over my head.

"Show off." I said.

Then it happened. The first time ever i saw it, Maisey stopped smiling i felt sorry for her just by looking at her. I dunno why i said it. "Maisey?"

The class were all crowding together as they began to leave. I lost Maisey in it. I went back to the common room as for it was the only place i would need to go. I sat down in my space and didn't put my feet up.

"You alright." Said Jacob.

"Yeah i guess."

"Tell me."

"Its Maisey i said she was a show off and she just left without a word."

"Told you she was bossy, she wants everything her way." Laughed Beth as she got up from the chess table.

"No, that's not it. She has acted normal about it with other people but why any different to me?" I said. I got up and stood opposite Jacob and Beth.

"Talk to Michael. Hes first year but a nice boy, you may get along. Its about time you have someone else as a friend over than George." Said Jacob.

"Where can i find him?"

"The great hall or library, by the way hes a Gryffindor so. He'll be nice. " Laughed Jacob.

I put my cape on the sofa and pulled my jumper down and straightened my tie. I walked out Ravenclaw common room. 


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