The Great Fake

Savannah Straiter has a fun job. She gets interviewed by the managers of different bands and solo artists' managers, and if they like her, she gets hired to pretend to be the girlfriend of their clients to protect their real girlfriends from all the hate. But when Savannah gets hired to 'date' Harry Styles, things get ugly.


2. The Interview

~~The next day I woke up from the knocking on my door. Stumbling out of bed, my eyes wandered to the clock. Eight o'clock? What the hell? I opened my door to a smiling Crissy, a box on wheels behind her. She pulled me into a hug and pulled her box, which I soon found out to be a makeup carrier thing. Iniside was a curling iron, a thousand bobby pins, and drawers upon drawers of makeup of every kind. I sighed aas I saw this. Trust me, I was as girly as my best friend was, but this scared me. She was getting me ready for an interview, not a date. Imagine what would happen if I let her get me ready for an actual date. Damn. I shuddered a little at the thought.

Crissy forced me into the shower, where I fully woke up. I showered into the water had turned icy cold. I stepped out and wrapped my towel around my clean body and headed back to my bedroom. I noticed that Crissy left me out an outfit. It was a cute aztec printed pencil skirt with a silk chiffon blouse in yellow, along with white oxfords. For now I skip this, instead throwing on grey sweats and my grey athletics hoodie from high school. I wrapped my hair in a towel, and headed back out to Crissy.

When I got into my living room, Crissy shoved me down on the couch and started right away applying concealer, foundation, and powder to my face. She did my eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner and applied red lipstick. She then curled my hair and had me change. I looked at myself in my full length mirror. Damn. I was glad as hell I let her do this. For accessories, she gave me a cute dark blue statement necklace, and for a bag, she gave me a gorgeous cream Dorothy Perkins satchel. I pulled my best friend into a huge hug, and then we left together, her getting into her car, and me into mine.




I pulled into a parking lot of a huge glass building off the highway. I lived in LA, so I wondered why they had a builidng out here. Whatever, the managements rich, they can do whatever the hell they want. 

I walked up the pavement to the heavy glass doors and pulle done open. The tile floors clicked under my short heels as I walked to the receptionist.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" She asked in her sweet yet nasily voice.

"Um, I have an interview with Olivia Clark at 11:30," I told her. She scanned thorugh a list on her computer, found me, and told me to wait in the seating area. Wait? It was 11:28 for God's sake. Whatever. I obeyed and sat down by a fake plant. Soon enough I was called into a room with Olivia Clark.

"Hello," she stood up. "I'm Olivia Clark."

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