The Great Fake

Savannah Straiter has a fun job. She gets interviewed by the managers of different bands and solo artists' managers, and if they like her, she gets hired to pretend to be the girlfriend of their clients to protect their real girlfriends from all the hate. But when Savannah gets hired to 'date' Harry Styles, things get ugly.


1. Not A Big Deal

~~"Cris, it isn't even that big of a deal!" I tell my best friend who is currently squealing and jumping on my bed.

I have an interesting job. The managements of different bands and solo artists interview me and have me be the fake girlfriend of their client so their real girlfriend doesn't get hurt and sent hate. The managers of One Direction had just called me to set up an interview, and Crissy was overjoyed.

"Um, Sav, do you live under a rock?"

"No. I'm just not all that excited. I probably won't even like them anymore after I do this! All the other guys I fake dated turned out to be complete jerks."

"Come on, we all already knew Jake Derrith was a jerk, Sav." Jake Derrith was the last guy I fake dated. He lead me on, making me think he actually had feelings for me, which made me develop some for him, but when I found out he was just a big fake, I  was shattered.

Crissy tried to convince me that one of the guys wouldn't be the same, but I refused to listen. I wouldn't be made a fool of again.

"I know you aren't excited about this, but can I at least do your hair and makeup?" Crissy asked.

"I think I can handle myself, Cris,"

"Please," Cris begged.

"Fine, whatever."




Later that night after Crissy went home, I headed out to the grocery store. I bought frozen pizzas of every flavor, a mountain of Ben & Jerry's, cookies, donuts, pancakes, and every flavor of Pop-Tarts. You might think I was crazy, but hey, I had money to spare. My job paid a lot, and I still had a lot of money even though I was currently unemployed.

I paid for the food, packed my car, and drove back home. I was only eighteen, but my birthday was in a month, so I've been living at my apartment alone for a while. I had moved out of my own apartment as soon as I graduated. My parents didn't care, they barely ever paid attention to me anyway. Being a middle child, my parents didn't give a shit about me.

Back at home, I packed my fridge, ate a single cookie, and went to bed. I had a big day tomorrow.

//sorry its so short! the next chapter should be up real soon, like later tonight lol, I just thought that should be its own separate chapter, ya feel me? kk byee//

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