Dancing Is My Escape

Brooklyn is a student at Julliard University For The Arts in New York City. She's 17 and is pretty much living the life of a normal everyday teen girl. When she signs up to be a background dancer, little does she realize that it's for the band One Direction. Can she cope with everything from dance practice to drama, to hate, to love?


3. Starbucks with Liz


Brooklyn's P.O.V


It's Sunday morning and I have no dance today. I texted my bestfriend Liz to see if she wanted to hang out. Thank goodness she said yes. I told her to meet me at Starbucks in 30 mins. I hopped into the shower. After 10 mins, i got out and got dressed. I wore a floral crop top with my favorite denim overall shorts. I slipped on my pair of black vans and grabbed my phone. I walked downstairs and saw no one was home.

I made my way to Starbucks, and I saw Liz already waiting for me at a booth. "Hey Liz" "Hey Brooke!" she said, getting up to hug me. We sat down and we talked about everything. Liz was a fashion designer at Ryerson University in Toronto, but is here for her summer break. "Omg Liz, I've missed you so much. I wish you still lived here." I say. "Well, guess what!" she says. "What?" "Remember when I said I was only here for the break?" "Yah.. " "Well, the director said that I could take some online courses, since I'm already ahead of the class" she says. "That's so amazing!" I say. "We can hang out all the time now!!" "Yah!" she says.


**** 1.5 hours later****


"So, Brooke.. What's been going on since I left?" Liz asks, taking a sip of her drink. "Nothing, really,well that I know of. I've been super busy with dance." I say, looking out the window. "But I did get a spot for an audition. For a band, but I don't know what band". "Really?? That's amazing Brooke! When's your audition?" Liz asks. "It's this coming Friday." I say. Now to think of it, I don't have long to practice. "Are you nervous?" Liz ask. "Well, yeah of course, but honestly it's not like it's my very first audition for something big." "That's true" she says. 

"Wanna come over to my house and hang?" Liz asks me. "Sure!" I reply. We both grab our stuff and head out. It's only about a 15 min walk from Starbucks to her house, so we get there fairly quick. 


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