Dancing Is My Escape

Brooklyn is a student at Julliard University For The Arts in New York City. She's 17 and is pretty much living the life of a normal everyday teen girl. When she signs up to be a background dancer, little does she realize that it's for the band One Direction. Can she cope with everything from dance practice to drama, to hate, to love?


1. Dance Practice


Brooklyn's P.O.V 

"Okay girls, today we will be learning a dance to 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri" Mary, my dance teacher says. "And there is a catch" what? "Only one of you girls will be able to perform it at this year's showcase" she says again. Oh, that's what she meant. "What do you mean?" my friend Cece ask. "As you girls practice this dance, I shall choose the best and that person will be able to perform it" Mary says answering her question. "Without further of do, let's get started"




**** 2.5 hours later ****




"Good work girls. I'm shocked that we are almost done the dance" my dance teacher say, clapping her hands in approval. "I will see you girls tomorrow" i start to walk over to my bag, and once i picked it up i heard my name. "Brooklyn?" I turn around to see my Mary calling my name. "Yes?" I answer and walk over to her. "How would you feel about an audition to be a back up dancer for a famous band?" she asks me, smiling. "I would totally love that!" I say, excitedly. "Well, here is the flyer, I wish you luck." she says, and walks out of the studio. I stand in the studio, shocked. "Wow" was all I managed to say, as I walk out of the studio to change back into normal clothes.

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