Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


4. The Wedding

For the wedding we went to Lake Lainer and after me and Harry kissed at sunset.I ripped off my dress exposing a white swimsuit and Harry ripped off his suit reealing black and white swimming trunks.And jumped in the lake holding hands as the crowd followed.As we surfaced the top of the water again we were kissing as he was holding me up.Then we looked at the crowd smiling who was clapping and taking pictures.

Then we got out and dried off and put slightly formal clothing on.Then we went into a ball room in a beautiful church in England.After a few laughs and introduces,it was time for the first dance.

Harry walked over to me with a spot light on him and ask me "Will you please do me the honor and have this dance with me?"I agreed and we walking slowly to the center of the ball room and as soon as we were set ,my favorite song came on and i looked at him in shock.I whispered in his ear "I thought you didn't want to do this as our song!?!"He looked at me and said i wanted this one because it was the song that was playing when i asked you to marry me and it makes you smile and if you smile i smile!"I put my head on his shoulder with tears running down my face.Then i lifted up my head i saw Harry in tears.I asked him "Why he was?"And he said "Because this is only the beginning of a great life and i am married to the most beautiful girl in the world , i just thought to myself wow i am lucky and now i have to worry everyday of losing you."I said "No don't, because i'm not going anywhere because i'm yours forever and always."We looked at each other then kissed for a long time until the song ended.After the song ended everyone clapped.

Then we all took a break and cut the cake it was a beautiful cake done by one of my favorite bakers Buddy froma show called "Cake Boss".I was so classical and beautiful.Afterwards Harry took me around to his friends and family and i did the same.

Later on i had a dance with my younger brother Liam and we danced to the song"I'll Be" and i also danced with my step-brother Louis to"Firework".Harry later on did the same with his sister and mother.(i would have done the same with my dad but he failed to show up.Also i had one direction dance with my two younger twin sisters to"What Makes You Beautiful".It was amazing and beautiful also my best day ever!

That night me and harry got into his sports car to go to the airport where we flew to Florida in the USA.We had a blast and dicided we would like to buy a summer beach house there .

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