Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


5. The Kids

Later on in life I had my very first kid named Liam Nicholus Styles after former bandmate and brother.He had cute curly hair and green eyes just like Harry.Three years later i gave birth to my first baby girl named Kelsey Sarah Styles who had my eyes and hair.She was beautiful and looked like my bestest friend Kelsey and she was name after my friends Kelsey and Sarah.

Later on kelsey and sarah flew to England to see her and liam.When they came they said to me "What beautiful and wonderful children you have."Kelsey was my sister-in-law because she got married to my step-brother Louis.And she was recently pregnant with her first child.Also they talked about moving back to England before the baby was born.Also Sarah and my brother Liam have been dating for 3 years now and at dinner that night they stood up and grabbed everyones attention and said they are moving back to England to be with family and that they were getting married ,everyone cheered and celibrated.

Nine months later we were at a hosiptle were Kelsey was have her first baby and they wanted it to be a suprise so we didn't know what to expect.I was so happy i was going to be a Aunt!I was also going to be the god-mother so i was in the room and when t was time they got her preped.Then it was time the baby came out and the doctor said it's a boy and she smiled and said hi Gale.But then she said i love my one and only chi--- But the doctor said enterupting her "Wait we are not done!"She was so shocked she was speechless.The docter went in and this time he said "It's a Girl!"She was in tears and so was everyone in the room.She held them both and Said "Gale meet your twin sister Darcey!"

After the room was calmed down i went outside to the lobby where Harry was holding Kelsey and sitting next to liam.I sat down and put liam in my lap and Harry said "so how was it?"I said i was great.And then said"Would you like to meet your niece AND nephew?"Harry looked at me and said "Really?"I knotted and we got up smiling and walked into the room where Louis and Kelsey were holding Gale and Darcey and Sarah and Liam were standing there smiling.

A few months later we all flew to the US to help Sarah and Liam pack.While the three boys packed up me,Kelsey,and Sarah were sitting around chatting.Sarah showed us her dream wedding plans final because as soon as they move to there new house ,they were having the wedding.A few hours later we took a lunch break and out of nowhere Lexxi and Niall and baby Katilyn walk in we were so happy and hugged.We have facetimed them a few times a month but we really haven't seen them since liam's birth.Also Zayn and Chelsie stopped by for a little while.

Finally it was time to go and we flew back to England with Kelsey,Louis,tthe twins,Sarah,Liam,Lexxi,Niall,and Katilyn.(Zayn and Chelsie didn't have the time).We helped unpck and get ready for the wedding .It was beautiful.

A year later Lexxi and Niall moved back to the UK and was right down the rode.Also i have been feeling sick for weeks now and don't know why!I gained a lot of wait and Harry wanted to make sure i was ok and made me go to the doctor.So i let kelsey watch the kids.So then me and Harry went to the doctors and the doctor made me take a lot of test and i started to worry .The doctor called Harry into the hall and told him something.When Harry came back he was in tears and i was really scared now.

He looked at me and said Audrina,your pregnent.I started to cry tears of joy.I got signed out and went over to Kelsey where everyone was hanging out and i told everyone.Then we all smiled and celibrated.3 months later Lexxi got pregnent with a boy and 7 months later sarah did with twin boys.

Finally 9 months later Abigal Meaghen Styles was born.Then 3 months after that Bradley Horean was born and 4 months after that Davis and Judith.I love my kids and my nieces and nephews and my loving husband Harry!

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