Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


1. Playing Soccer

Me and my friends Kelsey,Sarah,Lexxi,and Chelsie were playing soccer in a field nearby and we were talking about how one direction was in the same city as us.Then when we started to play,I pulled back my leg to kick and felt something behind me and i heard someone say "OW!"In what sounded like a british accent.I turned around and say "I'm so sorry!"Then i looked up and to see who it was and my jaw just drops.I see Harry Styles standing there and he said "Don't be,I shouldn't have gotten in the way."We both giggled and Kelsey screams "Are you guys going to play or not?"And the boys joined in.

After we were done ,we all went out for ice cream.As me and Harry hit it off and Kelsey fell for Louis,Lexxi got Niall,Sarah got along with Liam and Chelsie got Zayn.Me and Harry were totally bored and when i went to the bathroom and came back Harry jumped out from around the corner and I jumped back but he grabbed your hand and caught me pulled me close and whispered in my ear "How bout I take you on a real date?"And you nod your head and sneak out.

But then you realize "I don't have anything to wear!" And Harry said "Don't worry,"and drove me to a dress shop.Then he said "Now go pick out something pretty ,on me."You say "NO!"But he insisted.I picked out a pretty blue dress and Harry bought it ,but then i said"I can't go anywhere without my make-up!"But Harry said"You don't need it your beautiful no matter what."But you realize your hair and you say"but my hair!"And Harry said "i'll fix that" and motions you to come outside with him and he french braids my hair.I said "HOW?!?"And he says "I grew up with a big sister ,what do you expect?"Harry then takes me to Nando's and got me my favorite food and drink.

As it got late Harry asked me if i wanted to hang at his hotel room and i said"Um......Sure!"Trying not to sound like i secretly screaming inside.As you guys got there Harry popped pop-corn and we watched romantic comedies and action movies as we munched loudly on pop-corn,snuggling under a blanket together.At about 1:00 AM i told Harry i needed to leave sp he drove me to my apartment.I immeniately went to bed and wanted to dream the whole day over again.

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