Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


6. House,Family,Life,and Staying strong


My kids and getting big and wanting their own room.So me and Harry sat down and talked about getting a big and better house.We looke d for months and finally we found the perfect house about 3 miles away from a the beach and the city is not to far down the rode.Liam and Kelsey tried there best to help out and also had the help from Kelsey and Sarah AND Louis and Liam ,while Lexxi took the baby's to the park down the rode.

When the house was done.Me and the girls cooked dinner while the guys sat outside on the deck grilling burgers.When Lexxi got back it was time to eat after dinner we showed the kids their own rooms and we told everyone to stay the night because we have the room and they agreed.

Soon after that,the sun was setting so we let the kids swim in the huge pool and hot tube while we sat at the bar/grill area.After that we put the kids to bed and watched tv.Later Sarah and Liam went upstairs and went to bed,not to long after that everyone was in bed but me and Harry.Where we sat a alone in the dark where the only light was from the fire in the fireplace.

The next morning i woke up on Harry's chest on the couch.He soon woke up and we smiled and kissed .Then we got up and made a huge breakfest for everyone.


Liam and Sarah were now 29 and there twins were 1 year old

Kelsey and Louis were now 33 and their twins were 3 years old and soon to be Charity

Lexxi and Niall were 30 and katilyn is 12 and Bradley is 1 year old

Me and Harry were now 31 and liam is 7,kelsey is 4,and abby is 2


While Harry's at work and the kids are at school,i have a day off so i flip to the news where i find rumors of harry kissing a girl on the lips and holding hand.I flip to a different channel but its literally everywhere ,tears stream down my face i feel my heart breaking and Harry walks in and sees me crying.

Asks whats wrong ,i turn off the tv and scream "YOU!"Harry says what did i do?I said "Like you don't know and i grabbed my keys and a bag shove ur clothes and the kids clothes.Harry ask what i was doing and i said "Leaving you jerk!"He said "What did......."But i cut him off "How could you!" he said how could i what? I replied "Kiss a girl and hold hands with her!?"He said "I Don't even know what you are talking about?"I say"Shut up Harry and chuck my marriage ring at him and ran outside!I got in the car aand went to go get the kids from school and stayed at Kelsey.

Meanwhile Harry turns on the tv and sees the pictures and runs outside to see i am already gone.Then he sits down on the front porch crying,because this is the day he lost his heart.He looked down and saw the ring and picked it up and thought to himself there still might be hope.

Staying Strong:

It has been 2 weeks and harry hasn't seen the kids so i took them by the house to see him and to talk.The story was still on the news and getting worse.When we arrived he open the door with a huge smile on his face.He gave them a hug and told them to go play while we talked.We sat down and he poored me some tea.

He started with"How have you been ?"I replied"Good,but i want to talk about us!He agreed and said"I saw what you were talking about but it is photoshopped and why would i cheat on my life and my soul and my EVER--YTH--ING!He tried to finish but he started to tear up!I pushed his head up as i see his eyes i fall in love again and start to cry!"He says"I'm so sorry and if i would have known sooner i would have ran after you but i didn't know where to go and when you left me i sat on the steps crying for hours and thought i lost everything.I needed you i couldn't make it without you here.Then i found this ring and cried longer and louder!I looked at the ring for a while and found hope inside saying don't give up!

And to see you here today with the kids just made my day!Please Audrina be my wife and life and soulmate again please i need you and the kids please."He was now on his knees begging.I looked up at his eyes smiling but still in tears and tried to put the ring back on and he helps.Then he stands up and smiles pulls me up and hugs me for a long time then kisses me like he has never before.Then we unpacked all our stuff and lived are happy life as a happy and loving and caring family!

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