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One direction short stories��


1. marcel

Imagine:you had just started middle school,you didn't know a lot of people there but you still wanted to see how many friends you could walk in the front door and you see the groups of populars.but one person caught your eye,a tall,boy with big bulky glasses placed on the arch of his nose.he looked like he was trying to find someone to talk with until the bell rings,so you walk over to him."oh!hi!"he manages to stutter out."my name is marcel,what's yours?"he asks adjusting his glasses back up his nose."my name is Y/N"you say giggling."oh that's a beautiful name!"he says blushing."do you want to walk with me to the bus?"he asks gently."yeah!what bus do you ride?"you ask."I ride turtle bus."he says smiling."I ride turtle bus too!"you say jumping up and down."cool,who's your first period?"he says pulling down his vest over his pants."la,"you say pulling your hair behind your ear."we have the same schedule!we'll be together all day for the rest of the year!"he says happily."awesome! Let's walk together!"you say wrapping your arms around blush,he smiles to himself and bites his bottom lip.until you to get to la.

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