Don't judge me! (sequel to lollipop) 16+

"Don't judge me on my mistakes, judge me on how i make up for them"
2 years later Niall sees an unexpected guest. Will Niall trust that guest again, or try to forget about it...which makes things worse.


6. power out

Niall POV

By the time we finished messing about we had a power out which caused Louise to scream.

"Niall...what was that?"

I held her tight a whispered,

"I don't know"

Then for some weird reason we kissed. It was passionate. Her lips were so soft and moist. Well basically the same thing.

Suddenly the power came back on. We finally realised what we were doing and pulled away. Well that was embarrassing.

"That was weird"

She giggled.

"I know right?"

There was silence for a bit until she spoke up.

"What does this make us?"

I chuckled.

" makes us peri peri chicken"  I said sarcastically in a friendly way.

"I love you too Ni"


Louise POV

Oh my gosh we are official. I never felt this way for somebody before. So I cant mess this up.

He obviously likes it when I call him Ni because he softened when i said that. But I know I will have to see the boys sooner or whats Liam going to think. Its so planned out and complicated at the same time.



"When are we going to see the boys? I mean we didn't see all of them because they went home"

I swear he acted like a friggin genius when i said that.

"What about now? I mean, if you're comfortable with it."

I nodded my head quickly. Its going to be a exciting night!

"Ni, im going to take a shower will you wait for a few minutes, I wont be long" 

He nodded his head before he went into the kitchen.

Such a sexy idiot.

After I went in the shower I put on a belly top that said "BELIEVE" with a short denim jacket.  I button my yellow converses.

Im ready to go.

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