Don't judge me! (sequel to lollipop) 16+

"Don't judge me on my mistakes, judge me on how i make up for them"
2 years later Niall sees an unexpected guest. Will Niall trust that guest again, or try to forget about it...which makes things worse.


11. Im sorry

Liam POV


when i woke up in the morning i didnt see Louise.

"Louise? Louise?" i whispered.

i got up and went to the bathroom.  Im sorry, i didnt mean to. i looked at the object, crying silently.

(you will see what im doing later"



Louise POV


yep. Its a positive. i cant believe it.




a/n Im sorry it was short but im really busy this week and i will be likely to update every Fridays and Saturdays.

Stay safe. xxx

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