Don't judge me! (sequel to lollipop) 16+

"Don't judge me on my mistakes, judge me on how i make up for them"
2 years later Niall sees an unexpected guest. Will Niall trust that guest again, or try to forget about it...which makes things worse.


4. how did he find me

Niall POV 

Im not sure which house lived in. But it was in one of those corners. I took a lucky guess and knocked on the door. After a few seconds later guess who opened the door. Louise.

"Niall go away"

She was about to close the door when I came in.

"I wont until you tell me whats wrong"

She looked upset.

"I cant but Liam wont tell you so i have no choice"

I was suprised. How did she know Liam?

"What are you talking about Louise"

She breathed in as if she was about to blow out dynamite.

"Well lets just say I nearly killed you while I acted like a douche and ditched your flat" she said very quickly, I done even know what she said!

"Break it down"

She sat down and sighed.

"Ok...2 years ago we met at a club, I don't knowing it's still open but we started to get into contact with each other. When you invited me to your flat I fainted because I saw Liam. My best friend. When i got rushed to hospital I told Liam I liked him. We had sex and I wanted to keep it a secret so i set you up with my best friend, imogene. When you found out you started to argue with Liam. So i smashed your head with a vase and ran away. Thats why I was worried when i saw you at nandos"

Wow. That was a lot to take in. Wait...I remember now.


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