The Horan Family

It's one year later and now there is four Horan children under one household. What will happen? Will they have enough food? This is the sequel to Sam Horan! Have fun!!!!!


11. chapter eleven

Noah P.O.V.

I'm at the bar. Lately that's where I've been hanging out. Today I just sit at the booth watching the small tv propped against the wall.

"John Smith here with Niall Horan!" A reporter on the tv says. I quickly glance up at the tv. Then I see him. Niall Horan, my best childhood friend.

"So Niall, we all know about your family. How about some friends? Do you have any friends other than the band?" The reporter asks the blonde.

"Um....Well not friends that I've had lately." Niall says.

"What do you mean by that?" John Smith asks.

"When I was about fifteen, I had a friend named Noah Reyes" He's talking about me!

"Can you explain to us why you're using words in past tense?"

"He uh.......He..." Niall coughs.

"Are you okay Niall?" John asks.


"Can you continue?" 

"Okay." Niall sighs. "When I was younger, before I went on the xfactor, I was outside messing around with Noah. Then he started to walk across the street to his house. A car was driving quickly down the street and his sister tried to warn him. She told him to run but he said he wasn't going to listen to a fourteen year old when he was fifteen. That's when he got hit by the car." Niall was crying by the time he finished."


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