How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


16. You Need to Leave!

Chapter 16- You Need to Leave!

Lauren's POV

"HAR BEAR!" The girl shouted again literally tackling Harry into a bear hug. After Harry finally got the girl away from him, she realized she wasn't the only one present at the moment.

"Umm, excuse me," she said clearing her throat rather obnoxiously. "My name is Grace. Grace Sanders, as in America's best model known to history. Like on the TV show and other "things" like that! I'm pretty popular. If I don't say so my self!"

My jaw literally dropped. Did she seriously just say that? Out loud? Whoever this girl is, I really don't like her. From the moment I saw her, I just knew things aren't going to work out between us.

"Well, I might not strut around a runway for a living, but I'm a tennis player. Yeah, a "well-known" tennis player. Ranked number one in the state's tournament," I said mimicking her attitude, trying not sound too rude but the expression on her face and everyone else's face was priceless. "I'm Lauren. Lauren Matthews."

"Oh, nice to meet you." She sarcastically replied in her squeaky, annoying voice while extending her hand.

Well, let's just say One Direction just saw the "you think your better than me, well I'm going to bitch back at you mood"

Meanwhile, Lexie introduced herself, rather more nicely.

"So, umm Grace what brings you, here," Harry said sounding like he was surprised she was here.

"To see you, silly," she replied, tackling him again into another hug.

You could see everyone roll their eyes, but clueless wonder over there didn't seem to see a thing.

"Oh, really, wow that's just lovely," Harry silently mumbled to himself.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see how Harry seems really uncomfortable. This chick needs to really go away.

"Umm, not wanting to intrude for anything," Lexie started, "but are you two together or anything." She directly questioned them.

It looked like Harry was about to reply when little-miss annoying over here had to interrupt, "well, not yet. We haven't came out publicly just yet. Isn't that right, Harry?"

"Umm, well not actually," Harry started when she interrupted him again by putting her finger over his lips. "Shh, it's ok Harry. They can know. Now why don't we go and watch that movie premiere!"

She started to skip off and drag Harry right behind her. We followed her shortly behind, talking to the other boys.

Wow, can I just throw her into a brick wall right now.

Right before we were about to walk in, Grace finally detached herself and came over to me.

Oh, great.

"Lauren, can I speak to you for a moment?" She politely questioned.

Everyone looked over at me, but I just motioned for them to go into the theatre without me. "Umm, sure."

She kept smiling into we were both out of sight from anyone.

"Ok, listen here, bitch," she abruptly shouted, but still making sure no one could here our little......conversation. "Harry, is mine and don't you think you can walk on in here having both of your arms connected and stuff like that. Ok, Harry. LOVES ME! We have known each other for like FOREVER! Yeah that's right, you probably have known him for what like five minutes? So, honey, you need to step away from my man and GET A LIFE!" After her little "bitch session," she smiled at me thinking she had an advantage in this situation. Oh, yeah right!

I smiled back at her, which started to make her become even more confused. "Ok, no! How about you listen! Yeah, I haven't known Harry or any of the other boys "FOREVER!" I start mimicking her tone, "but, seriously going along and hugging Harry all the time and saying you're soon going to be a couple is really annoying! Did you see how uncomfortable he was? Yeah, that's right YOU PROBABLY DIDNT! So, you know what, GET YOUR HEAD OUT THE CLOUDS AND STOP THINKING SO HIGHLY OF YOURSELF!"

And to add more of an effect, I fake sneezed on her then whipped it on her. Oh, her reaction was PRICELESS!

As I started walking away, I turned around one last time and yelled, "SO SIT DOWN, HUN!" Whipping my hair and strutting off into the theatre prepared to actually go have a good time.

When I walked in, I saw the boys talking to a couple of other fans who seemed to have got a chance to get to meet them, so I decided to go find Lexie somewhere. She was sitting down, playing on her phone or something.

"Hey," I try to casually say, which is probably going to end up failing miserably.

"What the hell happened?" She curiously questioned.

I smiled to myself before saying, "well, let's just say that bitch has been schooled!"

"Haha, yes!" She said high-fiving me and smiling also, "don't worry, I never really liked her from the start either. And the way she was all over Harry! DISGUSTING!"

Hahahaha. We continued to talk about some random topics, when finally the movie premiere was going to start. I really didn't know where the boys were going to sit, but when they came behind us and sat next to us, my heart literally wanted to burst.

"So, what brings you guys here?" I jokingly question.

"Well, nothing much just about to go watch the story of our lives." Harry said smiling.

Harry was actually smiling so that means the bitch isn't here! YES!

"Hey, I was wondering if anyone has seen Grace recently?" I politely ask, but really wanted to scream for joy that she wasn't here anymore.

"I don't really know," Niall stated, "Harry, do you know where she is?"

Harry looked up from his phone, then realizing someone was talking to him said, "she told me she wasn't feeling good, so she wanted to go home."

"Well, did she beg for you to drive her home or did you refuse her like you always do?" Louis questioned.

"Yeah, I said I really had to be here and I must get going?" Harry replied, sighing.

"Let me guess, that didn't go so well?" I said stepping into the conversation.


"Well, now it's a party! She's probably going to be so mad she is missing out on so much!" I said, exclaiming jokingly.

"Haha, YEP!"

(A/N)- 35? :( haha, THANK YOU ALL THAT ARE READING! It really means a lot! :)

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