How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


4. Plan B

A/N Hello everybody again! I would just like to point out that this story is actually based off my personal experience. I actually did win 1D tickets to L.A. over the summer so I decided to use the idea. The only thing is of course I am going to change some events but this is literally my experience. Ok so here is the next chapter!


Chapter 4- Plan B

Wait a minute. This has to a prank or something. But who would have known about contest? I didn't tell Lexie or any of my other friends. Heck, I pretty much forgot all about the contest and I entered myself into it! But, my dear mother did say not a lot people were looking at the website and entering.I reread the e-mail over again in my mind before questioning,"Wait, Mom, is this real?"

My mom and I both had shocked expressions on our faces.

"Here let me call the number they gave us," my mom stated.

She grabbed the telephone next to her desk and dialed the number. I waited for what seemed like forever before finally I heard my mom say hello to other person on the other side of the line. In the mean time, I went to go grab a glass of ice cold water to settle me down a little.

"Hello, yes my name is Heather and I entered into the website contest about a month ago, and I just received an e-mail saying I won One Direction tickets," my mother said to the other person.

She waited for the other person to absorb it in. My heart was beating a million beats per minute and I felt like I would faint. I slowly leaned in by the phone to hear the conversation better.

"Yes, ok thank you very much," my mom replied, "Ok, so I just fill out the information and the.... Yes, thank you and we are so excited, ok bye then."

My ears perked up when I heard "we are so excited." My mom pushed "end" on the phone and put it back on the retriever. She slowly turned to me and said,"Lauren, we really did win! He lady told me to fill out the information and they are going to send us the tickets."

Apparently I took the wrong moment to take a sip from my glass of water because soon the floor and chair was drenched and same with my mom.


My mom wiped the water off and then seemed to ponder over my statement before saying, "They asked me if we were able to go."

I went to grab paper towels for her and started cleaning up my mess. Oops.

"And you said yes, right?" I stated.

My mother slowly started to nod her head before saying,"But honey, I am not sure when the concert date is yet and if we are going to be able to get plane tickets and a hotel."

I completely ignored my mother's statement before questioning, "Wait, how many tickets do we get? Can I bring a friend with me to the concert. What about Lexie? Can we take a little Va..."

My mom interrupted me and said, "Whoa Hun, you need to slow down. I am not sure if we will be able to go."

I dropped everything I was doing and looked up at my mom. "What do you mean we might not be able to go? I will walk to Los Angeles if I have too!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, then you better start now," she mumbled.

I was shocked. After all this trouble and we actually win and I can finally see my inspiration in concert and she totally says we can't go.

"Mom, we got two free tickets and I don't even know where we are seated but usually One Direction tickets will cost $600.00 and we got them for free," I said.

That should at least count for something.

"Ok, I know," she replied, "Let me at least talk to your father before this goes any farther, understand?"

"Yes" I simply replied

Ok I got one problem taken care of, actually winning tickets. Now for the hardest part, getting my parents to let me go to the concert.

"Until, I figure out what is going to happen," my mom said, "don't tell anyone about this, not even Lexie."


She looked over at me and then said, "Because I don't want you to have your hopes to high and then be disappointed if it doesn't turn out the way you want it."

"Ok," I simply stated,"I am just going to go up to room now."

"Ok, bye sweetie," she replied, " Don't forget your tennis lesson is in an hour."

"Ok, I will get everything ready."

Plan B. Convince my mom to let me go to L.A. I want to take a friend with me because personally, I don't think my mom would be to thrilled to go into an arena filled with 1,000 screaming girls. I would want to take Lexie. Our sisters were going to be so pissed at us if we went to Los Angeles for a One Direction concert without them, but sorry I won these tickets and they didn't, so Lexie and I are going. I don't even care if our moms want to come with us. Knowing them, they probably will. I know Lexie and I are both seventeen, but I guess we will always be their babies. So my perfect plan to get my parents to let me go is to simply be a suck up. Chores here I come. I started walking around my room, picking up dirty clothes and trash.

UGG this better work.

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