How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


12. Meetings, Greetings, Upgrades

(A/N)- hello again! Sorry for the author notes in the beginning! I will try not to do them so often, but almost to 30!!! Thanks! Love you all!!! So, here is the next chapter....

Chapter 12- Meetings, Greetings, Upgrades

Harry's POV

I just finished tackling Niall to the ground for being a little shit disturber and ruining our little football match. No one messes with Styles!

Suddenly, I heard one of the security guards come in and give us some interesting news.

Two girls showed up for our concert tonight and they made a very creative poster for us. It's supposed to be really cool, but something about people aren't allowed to have glow sticks and blah blah blah and apparently they have glow sticks all over it to make it glow up.

Well, how else is it going to light up? Actually string little lights to it?

People actually do that sometimes though

But, I seriously don't see what's wrong with having glow sticks. It's not like they're mass killers and are going to jump on the stage and shove the poison down our throats!

That's seriously out of proportion, but we do realize the security guards want us to be safe. I mean, that's there job, but the glow sticks?

Besides, people already wear the glow sticks to the concert!

It makes no sense to me

Anyways, the guards told us, the girls didn't want to take the glow sticks off, so they escorted them to one of the empty rooms in the building.

Jeez, the way he made it sound like, the girls literally refused to take them off.

I doubt that happened. Let's just say, sometimes people here are a little bit over dramatic.

Knowing us as little pranksters, the girls don't know we are going to prank them and make them think that they are actually going to get kicked out. The guards said the card was cool and we would probably be really interested if we saw it, so we decided to go meet them.

Oh, really? I'm excited!

They think they are going to have to pay a fine or something, then are going to get kicked out, but trust me that would never and I mean, we would NEVER do that to any of our fans!

Not only if it was for a good reason.

So, now we were following the guards to the empty room to surprise them. When I got closer, I couldn't help but hear crying.

Awwww, one of them must be crying.

We walked in to see the girls sitting down on the couch comforting each other. Wait a minute, they seem strangely familiar?

Nah, that can't be

It must be somebody I thought that looks like somebody else.

Louis interrupted their little cry session by asking them what was wrong and oh, you should have seen their faces!

Suddenly, the girl with the brown hair started apologizing to us.

"Umm, excuse me, love," I interrupt her, "why are you apologizing?"

She stopped suddenly before replying, "because I almost killed you and now we are going to get kicked out and...."

"Almost killed us? You do realize everyone wears glow sticks to concerts?" Niall blurted out, "the guards told us you made a very interesting and cool card!"

The girls looked at each other before the blond hair one replied with a confused face, "what?"

"Yeah, trust us, we would never kick you out!" I replied, "We came to see your poster-thing and get a chance to meet you!"

The blond hair girl nervously questioned, "Ohhhh, so we aren't getting kicked out?"

We looked over at the security guard still in the room and he boldly said while sighing, "yeah, I guess your fine. We just thought the card was really cool."

Their expressions softened a little bit, realizing they are aren't leaving.

"So, anyways, now that we actually have something interesting to do? May we ask what your names our, loves?" Louis questioned, while the guard left to wait outside.

Lexie's POV

Am I seriously hearing this? They actually decided to come meet us and we aren't getting kicked out!

Oh, my gosh!

I am trying my hardest not to freak and I can see Lauren trying to do the same thing.

We. Are. Having. A. Conversation. With. One Direction.

Damn, why the hell did I wear my, Future Mrs. Malik shirt! I just realized I was wearing it because earlier I wasn't thinking they were actually going to see us, let only MEET US!

I should have listened to Lauren.....

Hopefully, he won't notice.



Wait did I just think that?

Lauren finally seemed to get a hold of herself by whipping her tears away. I guess, she wasn't expecting to meet our Idols! We have never exactly been the ones to cry over One Direction, we just kind of freak out and obsess.

Well, we were just about to get "kicked out." Who wouldn't cry over that?

Lauren replied to their previous statement, "wait you actually finally have something to do? What does that mean?"

"Yeah, we were all really bored and didn't have anything to do before the show, so we are glad we get to meet you."

Lauren and I looked at each other.

Man, we got to stop doing that!

"We can't believe you actually get to see our card! You know how much work, we put into this! A lot!" I reply, trying to sound like I can actually have a causal conversation with them.

Stay cool, stay cool

"I bet you did put a lot of time into this too," I hear Harry say.

"Actually, it only took the afternoon yesterday, minus the morning when we had to go get the supplies," Lauren said casually shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh really," Louis said, "Anyways what are you two lovely girls's names?"

Wait a minute? Did Louis Tomlinson just call us both lovely? This just keeps getting better and better.....

"Oh, my name is Lauren and that is Lexie," I hear Lauren reply.

Zayn, please don't notice my shirt, please don't notice, don't notice......

Of course, Zayn had to question, directly to me, "and let me guess your last name? Malik?"

DAMN, he noticed the shirt!

"Whaatt?" I say trying to cover it up.

Everyone started bursting out laughing while I turned a bright shade of red! HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO NOTICE! Well, I guess he knows he is loved dearly by me now.

"Yeah, I told her not to wear it," I hear Lauren say, "but she kept going on and on about how Zayn, who is her boyfriend, will love it!"

Oh, I will so get you back. I looked around expecting them to be creeped out and run for the hills, but they were actually laughing and making fun of Zayn.

In a good way, of course.

"Haha, so Lauren you must have favorite?" Niall said raising his eyebrows in a funny way.

"Oh, I don't have a favorite! I love you all equally," Lauren replied trying to get off the subject matter.

"Wait, Mrs. Styles," I say with a huge grin on my face, "aren't you going to tell them."

You should have seen her face and everyone else's expressions.

She whispered over to me, "they weren't supposed to know! Especially, HIM!"

The boys started nudging Harry while he just smiled through it all.

"Well, that's what you get, Mrs. Styles!"

Now it was her turn to start to blush, "Stop!" She said playfully hitting me.


"It was really nice meeting you girls," Zayn replied, giving me a wink.


"Well, were glad you got to see are card," I say, trying my hardest to avoid Zayn's eyes.

I mean, who wouldn't want to look at Zayn, but seriously, after all that just happened, hopefully he still thinks I'm normal.

Phish, who am I kidding? Lauren and I? Normal?

Please, we're WAY past normal.

"BANANAS," Louis decided to randomly yell out.

I thought it was typical Louis yelling out random things, but I was soon left confused when the rest of the boys started laughing along with him. It was one of those moments when you were awkwardly standing there, not knowing what to do because it was an inside joke you will never understand.

Again, Lauren and I looked over at each other

"What's so funny?" Lauren questioned, patting herself down, seeing if anything was on her.

"Oh, nothing Love," Liam said in between gasps, "it's just one time there was guy selling bananas and he dropped them, then slipped and you just would have to be there to fully understand!"

"Oh, ok," I awkwardly say, joining them in their laughter.

Least there wasn't anything on me.

After awhile the laughter died down and we returned to our previous conversation.

"So, where're you girls from?"

"Oh, we live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Hence, what the card is about," Lauren boldly replied.

"That's fun! Sounds like an interesting place," Harry said admiring the card.

"Yeah, it's PRETTY fun," I saw rocking on my heels, "I mean, we live there, so it has to fabulous!"

"Haha, probably!"

They continued to ask us some questions about ourselves and asked to know the basics. It's not like they got our whole life story though! Only basic facts.

After a little while, I blurted out, realizing we still had to go to the concert, "wait, what time is it? When does the concert start?"

"Oh, we have about fifteen minutes," Niall said looking down on his wrist.

"Niall, you're not even wearing a watch!"

"Yeah, I know!" He replied.

Soon, more fits of laughter irrupted.

"Speaking of the concert," Harry said looking over at us, "Would you girls mind accepting these two front row tickets we have reserved?"


They all looked at each other and smiled.

"Yep, we reserved two tickets for two lucky winners and were wondering if you guys would like to except our upgrade?"

Oh. My. Gosh

First, we meet them and now they are giving us two tickets for the front row! Like I said before, this keeps better and better...........

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