How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


17. Fun Facts

Chapter 17- Fun Facts

Lexie's POV

Dead silent. The entire room was dead silent; you could barely even hear the screams and noises coming from outside this very room. No one wanted to move not one bit or even make a sound to disturb the film portraying on the screen. This beautiful, beautiful movie.

Damn, did I seriously just think that. Gosh, I need mental help.

Anyways, the One Direction movie is sadly coming to an end! But, what I really can't get over is how we watched the One Direction movie with One Direction themselves while being in the same room as One Direction. How am I still alive? How is Lauren still alive? How is every single one of these fan girls still alive?

Wow, I really do need mental help.....

Soon, the lights were flicked on and bodyguards started ushering the fans out orderly including us. Of course, nobody wanted to leave just yet, so many people stayed behind, wanting either last minute photos or just simply a hug from the boys. There's another mile long line right there....... Literally everyone lined up to get a picture. Dang it, I want a picture....

After they were done, people started to slowly file out of the already packed room. NO, I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YET! Before I even could process what was going to happen next, I realized somebody tapped me on the shoulder as I was reaching down to gather my handbag. Probably Lauren.

"Yeah, Lauren I'm coming," I said reaching down to pick up my purse to only hear light chuckles coming from somebody who was no way shape or form Lauren. I stood up suddenly and turned around to look into the big, brown eyes of no one other than Zayn Malik.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" I quickly apologize. "I thought you were Lauren!"

He slightly laughed some more. "Yeah, sorry I just wanted to make sure I had a chance to get to talk to most of the fans."

I literally wanted to scream. Zayn Freaking Malik was talking to me. Again! What's really strange is, we have been on this trip for what like, a couple of days and we have already met One Direction! Many people don't even get to meet once, and we have met them around like three times already! I don't know how I am going to explain this experience to my parents.

As soon as I was about to reply, I was interrupted and before I knew it, screams irrupted from a group of girls that were about to leave. Umm, is everything ok? Then, something literally horrific happened.

They came charging after Zayn, but the worst part about it was I was in the middle of this.

Oh, shit

"RUUNN!" Zayn quickly shouted, grabbing my hand and taking off to try to loose the girls.

Sprinting through the halls, almost out of breath, the girls were still right on our heels. Damn, they can run. Seriously, what has gotten into them? Did they have a moment where they were like, "Oh, my gosh Zayn Malik is over there, and I want to attack him."

I really hope somebody comes and saves us like right now. I don't want to be running right now especially since, I did my hair and everything.....

Maybe I should have participated in P.E. more at school, so I could run faster and have better endurance............... PHISH, who am I kidding? Who the hell does P.E. anymore these days? I hate running, Lauren hates running (even though she is a tennis player.) We all hate running. Our P.E teachers literally made us run a lot and do all these exercises, and I just hated it so much!

It was, a VERY interesting time.

Soon, after sprinting down hallway after hallway, we finally got a little bit ahead of the girls, so it was easier to lose them.

They still aren't giving up yet? WHERE IS SECURITY?

Closer to where the exit of the building was, there was a room that was slightly concealed and didn't look too noticeable, just off to the left. Zayn, who was still holding my hand, lead us quickly over toward the door, still slightly sprinting. As soon as we entered the room, feeling somewhat relieved, Zayn released my hand as the door started to close.

But, when the door shut behind us, we were welcomed by the unfriendly pitch black surrounding us and the noise of a slight click of a locking door.

Wow, isn't that just peachy.

Lauren's POV

When the movie ended, I couldn't help but feel a little bit emotional and just proud. That may sound extremely cheesy and strange, but now when I see One Direction, I just can't help but think of how much they really have accomplished and how far they have come in their music careers.

I walked away to go throw something away when I saw someone hiding behind a bush in the corner. How odd? As I walked closer, I realized it was Harry Styles crouching behind it.

"Umm, Harry," I question clearly not expecting it to be him, "what are you doing behind this plant?"

Realizing somebody found him, he looked up with those bright, green, beautiful eyes that shinned in......


Having a mental argument with myself.....

"Oh uh, Lauren," he stuttered, "I was just... It was...."

"I see," I say understandingly, "the fans."

"Yeah," he simply stated.

"Are all your fans like this when you go to this types of things?" I question while crouching down next to him. Stay cool, Lauren, stay cool.

"Well, some of them are," He said looking out to a group of girls, "interesting."

"Hahahahha, well I am not used to this at all really," I state looking around at all the different people in the rooms.

"Really? I have been getting used to it since we travel to bigger cities now, so I know what to expect."

"Yeah," I reply, "I literally just have nothing really big in my life. Normal everyday humans," I smile with a thumbs up.

"Are you saying I am not a normal everyday human?" Harry said sarcastically, clutching his chest jokingly.

"Exactly!" He pretended to act offended when really it was the cutest thing ever.


"Well, besides the fact I am not an everyday human, I heard you are ranked number one in the state for tennis?" He asked curiously.

"Can you keep a secret?" I question with a whisper.

He slowly nodded his head while looking at me, "I am actually ranked number three in my tournament."

"So wait, you do play tennis, right?" He questioned slightly.

I nodded my head. "Wait, why did you say you were number one in the state instead of number three in your tournament?"

"I don't mean to offend you all. But that bitch was on my last nerve and "number three in my tournament doesn't sound as good as number one in the state," I reply shrugging my shoulders.

I could see him slightly giggle before saying, "you do realize, I am a pro- tennis player?"

"Of course you are, Harry," I say rolling my eyes.

"No for real," He said confidently, "fine, I might not be a "pro-tennis" player, but I could probably beat your butt!"

"Wow, confident? Aren't we, Styles?" I say sitting back.

All he did was put his arms on his neck and smile at me with one of those goofy smiles.

"Are you trying to throw out a challenge?" I question narrowing my eyes.

"Exactly, care to lose?" He questioned with that goofy smile on his face again.

"Next time, Harry Styles," I state reaching out to shake his hand making the bet, "next time, it's on!"

Before he had a chance to reply, some girls started screaming and freaking out for no apparent reason. Literally, they started freaking out and went to the nearest One Direction member they saw, which was Zayn. Except, instead of peacefully walking over, they charged toward him and the worst part was, Lexie was over there in the middle of the girls and Zayn.

I looked over at Harry with alarmed eyes until I notice Lexie and Zayn sprint from the scene, the fangirls right on their heals.

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