How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


7. Cars, Hotels, Dinners

A/N- hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated for two days or something like that! You know the usually, Christmas and Louis' Birthday! But, I just have to say thanks for my 16 favs and 15 likes, I really appreciate it! So, that's everything and here's the next chapter!

Chapter 7- Cars, Hotels, Dinners

Lexie's POV

Damn, what a sight! I swear, we just arrived off the airplane and I am already loving it. One week. One week, Lauren and I are going to be here. I can't wait to start exploring. Of course, our moms are going to come for the last two days, but other than that, we are "free."And what I mean by "free" is, we get to party and eat junk food at the hotel room, go explore Los Angeles, and finally, SEE THE ONE AND ONLY ONE DIRECTION!

Lauren showed me where we are seated for the concert and guess where we are! NOT IN THE FRONT ROW! Yeah, the company, who organized this, apparently could only get the tickets in the "middle section" of the arena. Which, I guess isn't too bad, considering, I wouldn't haven't even been here if it wasn't for Lauren entering into the contest in the first place.

On our way to the car rental place, Lauren and I were spotting all the different places throughout the short little trip on the bus. L.A.X, which is the airport in which we previously landed from, doesn't have the variety of car rental places right in the area in which you pick up your rental like normal airports, so you have to take a bus to the company you are getting the car from.

"Lauren, look at all the palm trees," I exclaimed.

Lauren looked out the window, soaking up the sun's light shinning through the window and noticed the surroundings of the world outside.

She replied in awe, "yeah, I am not use to this. We don't have palm trees, warm weather, and not to mention, AN OCEAN! Back home, year round this would be awesome!"

We giggled rather loudly, not caring about what other people think of us. I mean, who cares when you are with your best friend in L.A.?

Soon, we arrived at our destination and were ushered inside by the bus driver, wishing us a nice stay. Hemm, I have never seen a bus driver be so friendly before? Extra tip for him........

Lauren's POV

"The red one! I want the red one!" Lexie yelled.


People around us were probably thinking, who the hell are these teenagers, and what do they think they are doing here by themselves?

"But, the red one is pretty!"

"The white one is just as pretty," I stated.

This argument probably continued for about two more minutes until a person who worked there came out and questioned us if everything was alright.

Haha, people this is normal for me and my BESTIE!

"Yes sir, everything is perfectly fine. My friend and I were just questioning on what car we should choose on," I say through a fake smile.

Gosh, I am such a good actress.

"Alright ma'am, many customers were notifying us of the situation so that's why I brought myself over here. But, if you need any help with anything, just ask me," the worker replied strangely.

He's so weird! Go away!

"Thanks, I will," I replied, pondering over the statement before yelling out suddenly, "wait, I actually have a question!"

The worker, who went by the name, Devon, which I noticed from his name tag, turned around suddenly, startled by my sudden outburst.

"Yes, ma'am, can I help you," he calmly replied.

"Oh, cut it out with ma'am," I yelled, "I am just a seventeen year old kid,"

People now really were staring. Damn, why do I have to be so loud!

"Sorry ma'a......lady, " Devon nervously replied, "what did you need help with?"

"Umm, Oh Yeah! Which color do you like best? Red or white?"

He thought to himself before saying, "personally, I like the color black."

Lexie and I both looked at each other while Devon walked away.

"Well, I guess let's go with a black car," Lexie stated.

Getting into a fancy, black car, I turned the air on while putting any other feature on I could find. I left Lexie to put our bags into the trunk while I "messed" with buttons on the radio. I don't know names of cars really well, but I might say, this was a pretty nice car. Slick black on the outside that made it look "shiny" while in the inside it had soft black seats that even had your very on "butt heater." It was actually pretty cool.

Lexie jumped in before saying, "I think we're going to end up causing a lot of trouble here."

I put my sunglasses on and looked over at her before driving off, "Lexie, I think we've already caused trouble here, TO THE HOTEL, WE DRIVE"

I located my GPS and set the hotel name in, which my amazing mother wrote on a piece of paper for me. After that, Lexie blasted the radio while I drove off to our next destination.


Harry's POV (I know! Oh shizzzzz)

Los Angeles. One of the last cities until the end of our "Take Me Home Tour." The concert in Los Angeles is this Thursday. Two days away. Two days. I slowly kept zoning out throughout the day because I realized our tour was coming to an end and I will be able to go to back to England soon for a break. Still, our tour would be ending and this trip will come to an end. The boys and I weren't even sure if we were doing a 2014 tour. Hopefully, though.

"Harry, all of us should go out to eat at a restaurant tonight or something," Niall questioned.

I looked at him strangely, before replying, "why do you want to do that?"

The boys and I never go out in public randomly, usually because there is some fans out there that literally hunt us down and then we cause a big commotion, have to hide in a store or whatever is close by, then finally we are escorted out by security.

"I don't know, mate," Niall answered, "the tour is coming to an end, and we won't be seeing each other soon after it, so I thought we should go "celebrate?"

Hemm, I was thinking this statement over. Maybe, it wasn't a bad idea. This is L.A. Not a lot of fans will be at one of those fancy restaurants, so why not.

"Sure, why not," I tell Niall, "I will go tell the rest of the boys."


Lauren's POV

Walking into the hotel, Lexie and I scanned the room. It wasn't much, but at least we have a big bathroom to share. I swear, at least a big bathroom is really helpful when you have two girls who need to look their best in the morning, noon, and night.

There were two beds in the bedroom, one for each of us. One big bathroom and a sitting area with a couch and t.v. Also, we had a small kitchen right off of the sitting area that wasn't much. We weren't going to be cooking and eating in the kitchen often, so I didn't care how big or small our kitchen was.

Our parents each give us some money while we both brought some too. Also, my dad gave us his credit card for emergencies. Hopefully, we are good with the money part of it.

While unpacking my clothes, I got a phone call on my phone saying my mom was calling. 33%. Yikes! I need to charge this!

"Hey mom, I was actually just about to call you," I say.

"Hey, baby," my mom replied, "I was just making sure you landed alright, and got to the hotel safely."

"Haha, yeah, we made it alright," I answered, "jeez, drivers here drive CRAZY"

She just laughed before saying, "you need to drive safe and be careful. Also, your father and I made a reservation for you at a restaurant as our present for you."

"Oh, mom you didn't have to do that," I answered, "Lexie and I were probably going to go get something to eat somewhere else."

"I know, Hun," she said, "we wanted you to get a chance to taste one of the finest restaurants in L.A., so we made reservations for you and even paid for you."

I was shocked. I can't believe they did this for us. They already did so much and now this.

"Please don't tell me this is really expensive," I stated, "you've already done so much for us."

"No, trust us you will have a good time, and guess what," she replied.

"What?" I asked nervously.

"Sometimes, big celebrities go there so keep your eyes open," she said.

OMG big celebrities! So cool!

"OMG! I can't wait mom! Thanks so much!" I exclaimed.

"Your welcome, baby, now you go have a good time."

"Thanks Mom again, for everything. My phone is actually going to die soon, so I will talk to you later," I said.

"Bye, Lauren! Talk to you soon! Love you!"

"Bye mom!"

I pulled out my charger and put it into the outlet by the bedside table. I looked over to Lexie and said, "looks like my parents made a reservation tonight at a fancy restaurant, so after we finish packing, let's get ready."

"Ok," she simply replied with a big grin on her face.

This is so cool. This is so awesome. I can't wait to go to this dinner. My mom said sometimes big celebrities come here! Ahh OMG! Lexie will freak if she figures out celebrities are going to be there. That's why I am not going to tell her. I mean, it's not like we actually have an 100% chance of meeting somebody. It's a possibly, but I highly doubt it will happen. I'm just excited I am here with my best friend and about to go dinner!

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