The fame....

this story is about Selena Gomez
drama/fantastik/abuse life

It has all Your favorit famuse people in it.
I am from Denmark so i hope you Can understand What I'm talking about❤️❤️


1. KCA

Selena's POW

Hallo gays it's Selena yes the Selena Gomez!!

Ughh it make's me so mad when people say that

Thay all Think i have the Best life in the World Well i don't.

My boyfriend is the Justin Bieber but he is not so ameysing as you Think, no he Abuse me.

And now you Are thinking why do i just not leve him NO!! That Wood not be good. He is Gonna kill me he did kill my parents.....

But Right now I'm getting ready for the KCA yaaaaay!!! I love that show and i am gonna present A Award yaaaaay! Not! Justin is in that katagore and i have A filing he is Gonna win let's see HOW that go....


Selena's POW


Omg it is time to present the Award.

There is alot of people here

But i have to talk now.

"hallo gay's How Are you?"

WOW the Fans Are so laud!!

" That's good....and the nomines is

One Deriction, Justin Bieber And Drake"

" The winner is ONE DIRECTION"

OMG!! Noooo why why did One direction Winn i don't want Them to win Justin Gonna Get so angry.

the gays Came up on stage and thay all gave me A hug but Harry gave me A kiss on the Cheek...

I look'ed Down to the crowd and saw Justin's Face all red and when he's Face is red he is really mad.

I hope he did not see the kiss.

If he did i Will Get beten up so MUCH 2night!!! 😔

I Went back stage fast and ran 2 the toilet and i did cry so MUCH that MY makeup was all over mu Face..

So i Called MY makeup helper and she new about Justin so she made my make up fine and i Walked out OF the toilet and someone Called my name and it was Justin he took MY hand and took me 2 the toilet and slapped me

J - Justin bieber S - selena gomez


S : i did not kiss him he kissed me!!

J : don't EVER! Look at him

S : WHY??! ( he slapped me )

J : Cause i say so!!

S : bu....

Then someone opnet the door and....

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