10 Lies

This is an entry to the Christmas competition.
Girl meets boy.
They fall in love.
Short Story.


5. Chapter 4

Things were looking great with Eduardo. Even though I still barely know him, I decided to invite him over to my place. It was still 6 days before Christmas, but I was determined to spend everyday with him and get to know him more and more. When I talked to Sammy about it, she said I might be in love. But then she said that she didn't really trust him, that she felt some odd vibe about him.

Whenever Sammy had an odd vibe, it was always correct, but I tried to ignore her. I believed the fact that I really was in love. I've never been in love before, so I didn't exactly know how to handle it. 


At my place that day, everything seemed normal, until dinner. My parents decided to surprise me by coming over with Chinese take-out and have dinner with me. I had to let them in, and I thought it would be a good way to get them to meet Eduardo and talk to him. 

It was the most awkward dinner I ever had. 

Eduardo kept asking them questions about me, and they answered, but whenever they asked them something about himself, he would just try to change the subject. 

Halfway through, my mother came to me and said, "I don't like him, and neither does your dad. He doesn't seem very trustworthy Sarah. Be careful."

I kept observing him, wondering why everyone thought he wasn't a good guy, that I shouldn't trust him. 

"So, why did you move to this town, Eduardo?" my dad said, with a hint of mockery in his voice. 

"Oh I uh have a friend who lives here and he said that it was nice so I came."


And that was lie #4.

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