10 Lies

This is an entry to the Christmas competition.
Girl meets boy.
They fall in love.
Short Story.


12. Chapter 11

"WAIT!" he said as he turned around. i need to tell you something. In private. 

I took my coat and went for a walk with him in ai  park nearby. He looked very scared and tired.

"What is it?" I said. I held his hand for support.

"I haven't been completely honest to you in the past few weeks."

My heart was racing. I didn't know what was going on. 

"I didn't come here because a friend of mine lives here. I'm not a teacher. My name is not Eduardo."

I stared at him, thinking it was a joke. It had to be.

"My real name is Hunter. The government has been chasing me for a while, for reasons it's better you don't know about. Lets just say its a money problem.they poisoned me with a very strong chemical that prevents you from eating a lot, and from love. I'm going to die around midnight today. On Christmas Eve."

I dropped his hand. I didn't know if I was angry, sad, heartbroken, or what exactly. At first I wanted him to blurt out, "JUST KIDDING" but it didn't happen. I wanted to yell at him for lying to me. So I did. Then I hugged him. Then I checked my watch, and it was 11 at night. he had one more hour left. 

I took him to my favorite place in the world. It was a hidden place in the park where you had an amazing view of the whole town. We just sat there in silence for a while. Then after about 30 minutes, we stood up and walked around the park. 

I held him the whole time, as if if I did it would stop him from dying. I could see it. He was coughing a lot and his breathing was shallow. 

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