I'm Only Me When I'm With You💕

Abi has never felt this way about someone before. How will she tell him?



Abigail's POV

Harry was my best friend. We've been friends for years now.

"Harry! Stop don't throw me in the water!" I screamed as Harry dropped me in the water. "To late!" He said. Next thing I knew I was in the water. "Oh you've had it!" I yelled as I dunked Harry under that water.

We've been at the beach for a couple of hours now. We just got out of the water and Harry's phone went off. It was his girlfriend Elizabeth.

"Hey Hazzie!" She said

"Hey Liz."

"How was your day bby?"

"Good, how was yours?"

Perfect now!"

"Um, Harry I'm gonna go" I said awkwardly.

"IS ABIGAIL WITH YOU?!?" I heard Elizabeth scream.

Me and Elizabeth didn't really get along. She always thought that I was gonna steal Harry.

"Um, yea she's with me." He said.

"You told me you couldn't hang out today!!!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, cos I was spending the day with her." He said.


"Fine. Byee" Harry said.

"God, she's so annoying! Sorry about that Abs."

"It's ok Har-Bear"


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