True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


2. You're my only one.


I am the luckiest man in this whole world: she accepted! I'm so freacking glad that she's finally really... I mean it's OFFICIAL... She's mine.

" justin you have to prepare you!" I moaned again

And she just laughed. I feel good when she's around me, she makes me feel complete.

"They can wait for Bieber, And now biebaaa wants his fiancé in his arms! "

Her beautiful giggle makes me get butterflies... I am really in love. Imagine when I kiss her the feeling that I get... I just can't explain.

Oh god I'm so cheesy... But it's so real!

"Babe?" I have to ask her.

"Yeah?" She responded after she crawled her head in my neck. Her breathe against my neck is.. Stop cheesy. Haha

"I was wondering... Humm... Did you think about where and when do you want the wedding?"

"Baby, you have an interview in a hour, we'll talk about that after but.. My anwser for that is no matter when or where, if Im with you thats the important"

I kiss her forehead then mumbled in her ear:

"Okayokay beauty, and sure it's me! Im your man!"

She sits up and kisses my cheek, I smile then I go dressing me. Casual since I have just to respond to their questions.

After my hair to arrange and all, Im ready and her too. Yeah, she's coming with me. She had her things and I have mine but sometimes also now, we spend almost all our times together.

When we arrived to Super Top Stars, a women welcomed us and guided us to the interviewer.

Audrey went to the sofa and speaks in french to Miles... God her accent... So melancolic.

But Miles has made my beauty smiling alot... Too much.

"Can we begin now? My fiancé and I have plans to do after..." I said a little roughly.

"Of course Mr. bieber" he said when He turned finally his attention to me. Audrey during this time winks at me... She knows. Ahah. Yeah I can be jealous but...oh I got a text I excused myself to Miles but after an hour, he finished almost.

"Dont be jealous my love, you're my only one xx "

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