True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


8. thats all the matters.

I wont change my minds! I love him. I know that he feels the same way. He won't let a little finger on me. He protected me yesterday. Why the papzs are so... Nevermind. We both love eachothers and thats all the matters.

"Now... THE DRESS!" Carly exclaimed when we just had finished our makeup and our hair. I started to put my dress and fix all to be the perfect for... The pictures... Yeah well I have to. I want to prove them that I love him and I didn't change my minds at all. And plus, One direction would be there tonight... Hope it will be well...

"Time to go now!The limo is waiting for us and an special guests are in too!" She giggled grabbing my hand and we went downstairs to the porch

"Justin and?" She giggled and I knew that she hid me something... I would see! I looked to myself one last time when carls opened the door.

"You're super seeexy! Now go!" We both laughed and we went both outside to see the big white limo. As we walked to it, the front door opened and we saw the driver standing up for opening the back door to... Let Justin standing up... Sexier than ever. Wait up... We match? He's dressed the same color as did he knew that?

"Thats maay" I turned my direction to Carls full of joy" Dont worry, I would never tell him for YOUR dress when we'll buy it this weekend! Promise cheekycheeky" I nodded giggling. I turned back to his and I didn't expected to see him looking me up and down like that. I am pretty but not that much... Am I in this dress that much?

" this girl is MINE!" He licked his lips pointing to my direction talking I supposed to Carls.

"Time to really go lovebirds!" Carls claimed herself in, Justin since that gave me a purple rose bracelet.

"Thats for you princess" I kissed him, thanked him and we both claimed too after that.

Omgg!! MILEY CYRUS Is in this Limoooo??!!

" surprising you isn't it?" I WAS SO SHOCKED! I love her so much!

"Hey Sweetie, nice to finally meet you Audrey... Can I call you Aud?"

"Of course you can... Nice to meeting you too Miley" She gave me a hug smiling " call me Smiley" I nodded happily. Then I just remembered Justin and Carls's presence. Justin put his arm around my body then Kissed my cheek. Carls was talking to... Smiley! I cant just not believe it!

"Thank you Justy" I mumbled in Justin's ear, kissed his cheek.

"No problem hun, she wanted to meet you though" He said a little louder for both of the girls turned their attentions to us.

"Of course I wanted! She's your girl, she's my friend! Give me your phone sweet" IM HERFRIEND!! Ahaha Im crazyyy right now! I gave her my phone and gave her phone too. When I put my phone number in her phone and she did as well the same for mine, the limo stopped. We could heard screaming and a voice calling Justin, Carly and Miley 's name! The door opened and we let the girls existed first.

"Dont let go of my hand babe, you're gorgeous Audrey Bieber Joly" we existed and with no playing games, he kissed my cheek and all the attention was on us. I smiled knowing that I was with him, not letting him go. Flashes were everywhere, papzs screaming to us for checking them. A part of me said that I shouldn't let them take us... I hate them... But the other part said to let that go and Justin is your man... Thats all the matters.

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