True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


16. Run.

"Weezo you stay with Biebz, no need to kill anybody, okay? Just in case, do it." 



Dark.I can't see above my head. Darkness. I have to have her back. But god sakes, might be too dizzy... Princess.

"babe, I love you, more than anything"

"You wouldn't let me go, cheeky promise?" She ask

"Cheeky promise Babe, I promise, never let you go"


We began to walk faster, me and Weezo. We were about to arrive. I'll be there babe. Harry, you stole my girl. You stole my own life.





Audrey's POV

"Why me Harry?, it's your fault if I've gone. I'm done and you should." 

He just smirked but then:

"Sweetheart, I didn't do anything, I swear, believe me!"

"Nope, I want Justin, Leave me alone."  

"Only Liam stood my back now, If you don't want me, I should kill him."

"Nooooo! Please I would do anything!"

"Could you stay calm, and I would let you free, in the house of course"

"Fine, don't do anything to...him"

I began to cry my eyes out, since he left the room whispered in Liam's ear. I could understand, I'm sure it was his intention: "If this fucking asshole is about to come, you know what to do"


Justin's POV


"It's here" Guards are standing everywhere, probably he would expect me here soon... Not bad but to bad for me.

"Jump here, Im going after" Yeah after the barriors, the House: Simple as that. Plus, guards.

I jumped difficulty, maybe I didn't choose the right pant, well whatever.

But luckily nobody has see us, for now.






"Liam" I was about to punch him, but he didn't move, that's a trap. 

"Jason is my friend too, Justin" Im looking for Weezo but I don't fucking know where he is right now... How does he know Jason?

"Look Im here to help you, you're about to going to jail... Bad ass."

"I would do anything for her, I would be in heaven if I know she's safe."

"Stay focus, now wait for me here, Im gonna bring her, Stay really" And without a sight he was gone, and I was all alone....





Audrey's POV

"Audrey?" Not again, this bitch of Liam... I throught He understood... Harry's a junk and He knew that, why he was helping him? He is a junk too.

"Leave me ALONE" I heard the door shot, bright lights all over my room.

"Come with me now" He grabs my hand, but I was scared of his face, Im going to die... 


I love you Justin.

"I hate y.." 

"Shutt up" I kept my mouth shot, what's going on? We are about to go outside? Harry's there waiting for us? 

We kept walk then He opened the front door slowly. He let me go first outside, God it's dark outside.

"Oh babe..." Omg I'm hallucinate now... I miss you Jus...

"Babe here" I looked directly at the back of the garden and there he is, standing crying, shaking.... I was more in bad condition right now.

"Now you should go, now!" I ran to my love, getting closer to him...

"Omg baby!" Now it's not the time for a kissing moment... we better run. 












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