True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


6. oh thats soon.

Justin struck Harry as if his life depended on it. Seeing This was horrible. He lifted him out of the ground and threw him back . the paparazis delighted to capture photos to gossip ... Justin groaned and leaned toward Harry's ear whispering words that I couldn't understand and stood up. He was red of anger and his fists were bloodstained. He turned his attention to my hand and took it without even noticed that I was shaking all over and my tears still continued to fall down my cheeks.

"She's mine so you better leave her alone or you know..." And we filled to his car.

Arrived at home, I ran to our room, just to let my tears dropped out. No waiting too long, The door opened and Justin was standing at the porch.

"I'm sorry Baby..." I looked to my back to see Justin trembling and also crying too. I approched him and now I could see his marks on his face.

"I just hate... Seeing you hurt..." He gave me his tight bear hug and caressed my hair.

"Im not hurt... You're mine and thats all the matter"

We stayed like this a couple of minutes, maybe more then I put icepack to his marks.

"Keep this 15 min on them" he nodded then turned the Tv on.

"Come over here babe" I brang to us water and I sat beside him on the cough. Instanly, he put his arm around my shoulder for cuddle. Now, I feel really safe, like before.

"I want the wedding to be soon"

"Soon ? For you is?" I smiled saying these words

" next week. No after that"

Oh thats soon.

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