True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


7. hate the papzs alot.

"Thats alright. And the honeymoon?"

"Thats my surprise" I lifted my head to see that he was smirking at me. We decided that friday we will take an appointment for the choice of the meal, the cake and all.
"Where?"He grabbed my hand to carressed it.

" A car will take you there" Wait what? He organized almost all! 

"Did you or..." but I couldn't finish my words that Justin cut me off.

"Yeah, you will love it babe, are you angry?" I kissed his cheek then said:

"of course not justy, so tomorrow is thursday so its mean Billboard then friday our appointments then I have to prepare my thing for the week-end. " I crawled more my head on his stomach, felt his heart bitting fast. 

"WE have to prepare our things for the weekend (I giggled  for his exaggering WE) And tomorrow I have to be there to 1 PM cause of Practising my performance and tech sounds..." 

"Okay then I should call Carls for today whats happened, tomorrow and the week-end.. you know she'll be upset about you here" He giggled and put the TV's on.

I stand up bringing my cellphone to call her when I heard Justin's name fron the TV. I looked Justin's face and he changed instanly the channel. 

" Hey bella, Sor.."

"WHERE ARE YOU? CHAZ AND I WERE LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS! But happy now to hear your voice" I laughed during I crawled back in Justin's arm.

"I'm with Justin... whatever, tomorrow Can I get to your house for my dress and all? Justin will have pratices stuff" 

"Of course sweetie, plus I have to talk to you!! Chow chicas!" 

"Wait upppp!" 


"you're not gonna be happy though... It's Justin" Suddendly, Justin took off my phone from my hand then said in his melancolic voice : " I'm coming with you, I have just to wait for the dress's moment then I want to be there. My family would be there and friends too AND Audrey too." Justin put the phone beetween us and put the speaker. After a couple of times after hearing just Carls's breathing, She finally said : 

"Okay... BUT.... Promise me that the day before the big day... you wouldn't be there... capisssh?" I giggled, she's so funny. Justin put me on him, kissing me and said :

"Perfect, see ya Carly" I took back my phone and screamed :" SEE YAA MY FRIIEND" 

"see ya Aud, I'll take you for lunch" then we both hung off.


"That's was more easier than I thought" He exclaimed. 

"We should eat something babe, let me cook something" I kissed him quickly then went to the kitchen. I turned on the TV from the kitchen table knowing a couple of recipe would be good.. but I didn't expecting to see  my face and both again of Justin and Harry's face. That pic was from earlier this day. 



" Oh well, Justin's fiancé had a big day today. Will she change her minds? She maybe saw for the first time his bad look... And Harry's face was not helping the shot. Stay to us for plus informations" 








Hate the papzs alot.


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