True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


3. Good time ( part one)

Audrey's POV

"Pleaaasee babyyy dont leaveee maaae!" I giggled then grab my phone and my bag. I have a girl day with Carls today. She wants to have OUR day together before the Billboards tomorrow, pick my dress and stuff like that. But Justyy doesn't me to leave, and in part of me doesn't want to too... But I didn't see her since internity! When I was about to turn back to kiss Justin, I felt his strongest arms around my waist... justyy poor you. Haha

"Justyy I have to go, you know I have to pick a dress!" He turned me around just to let my hands around his neck. He sighed and kissed my cheek.

"Yaa know, We could go togetherrr ya know... Missin youu babe" he kissed my neck to my sweet spot... God he knows me too much.

" I'll be there at 8, you didn't have something with Chazz?" He let go from my neck to just put his lips on mine and mumbled in my mouth

"Yeah but he's not uuuu..." I quickly kissed him back because if I stay here, I'll not be with Carls at all! "Love youu Justyy bear" he groaned since he couldn't stopped me from the door.

"Love u more my sexaay babay" then I closed the door, direction to Carls's house.

Arrived at Carls, she was waiting outside her door texting on her phone. She looked up to my direction and she ran up to Justin's car... Not his boys cars... The classic one.

here I have a good day with my bffs... Good time

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