Was it her beauty that reeled me in? The mysterious, deep, color her eyes contained? Or her addictive smile, smell, or even her personality? It was none of these things. The reason she's to afraid & too sad to even to talk is what made her even more mysterious & captivating to me. Not talking for 6 years as a side affect from a tragic accident is what I learned had caused it; her sisters & mothers death traumatized her. And my goal is to keep her brake free, to help her gain the courage to keep her life to the fullest. To speak to me.


1. New Neighbors; Adeline Falling Star


Some people find me very odd,

Not for the 6 years to be precise. The reason for talking is to communicate with people around you, to share your emotions. But in my situation, I don't have anyone around, anyone to share my feelings with. I've become used to it, & the few people who are around me have too. I was just traumatized after the accident.. My sister & I were so close. He name is Chealsea, she died too young, fifteen isn't enough time for a wonderful person like her to live. And my mom...she's gone too, from the car crash.

I never had a dad, he passed away before I was born. I was thirteen when they both died, & now, I'm nineteen. And me, the only person that lived through the accident; & I won't even talk, not since that day. I hear a knock at my apartment door, leading me to set my novel that I was in the middle of reading down on the coffee table.

My bare feet pad across the carpet, opening the door a crack. Once I see it's my mail man Rodger, I completely open it, smiling at him.

"How are ya Emily?" Rodger asks, handing over the stack of papers.

I take hold of them with my chipped finger nails, clutching the mail to my chest. I nod my head with a smile, "that's good!" He grins.

"Your book came," he informs me, nodding down to the pile of papers in my hands.

My eyes widen with excitement as I lock down the mail in my arms. I look back up to Rodger, giving him one last wide smile before he says goodbye; mine being nothing but a wave.

I eagerly find the large packet, tearing the orange envelope open before reaching inside; pulling out the book. My fingers run over the worn out bindings, of Adeline Falling Star. Ive searched for this book for who knows how long, & it never came around. But one day, I was online, and I came across it, and it got shipped to me as soon as possible.

I read this book when I was little, my sister had urged me to read it because she insisted I would like it. This book, is the book that got me obsessed with reading. If you look around my apartment, you will find book everywhere. On the coffee table, kitchen counters, my bed, my nightstand, maybe even under the bed. I'm about to open the page before I hear shouts from the hall, deep voices flooding throughout the apartment building floor, in laughs. I get up slowly, peeking through my door to see a few boys, standing outside the hall, with water bottles in hand; the caps off. When a boy with dark hair, sends his water flying in a direction I peek out a little further, seeing a blonde boy, which it was aimed at. My door creaks, sending their eyes in my direction. I quickly close it, locking the door, to return to my book.


I chuckle, as Niall un-caps his water bottle, chucking water across the hallway in my direction. Zayn throws water at Niall next. I hear a sound across the hallway, my eyes flashing to the source, I see a door shut, not thinking anything of it before I return to the water fight.

"Guys" I hear Liam's voice, another cardboard box in his hand. "I said help me get boxes" he scolds us. Even though he isn't the oldest of our group, he is the most responsible.

"We do have neighbors, & you guys are being loud" he adds on. I look to the door that caught my attention earlier.

Door twenty-seven.

"Does someone live in there?" I ask, pointing to the door across from us with my almost emptied water bottle.

"Yeah, a girl, the apartment manager gave me some information on the people that live on this floor with us. There's just the girl, & and an old man at the end of the hall." He informs us.

"Will she brake into our apartments in the middle of the night? I've had that happen before." Niall says.

I shake my head while laughing. Niall has the craziest stories ever.

Liam chuckles, thrusting the box he had been holding into my arms.

"Probably not. The manager said she's lived here for a few years. She's about our age & stays here to herself. She doesn't speak." Liam says.

All five of our faves turn into one of a confusion.

"What is she, deaf?" Louis asks.

"No he said she doesn't talk by choice."

"Why?" I question.

"What is this, 21 questions? Help me get the boxes." Liam laughs, walking away from us.

The boys start trailing after Liam down the hallway, my gaze falling upon door 27; where the girl lives.

I feel water splash across my front, my eyes diverting to a laughing Zayn, in front of me. I chuckle running after him.


Authors note: hey babes, so I've started this new fanfic, & it's quite different. Please Like, Favorite, & Fan this story! (P.S. The boys are not famous in the story, but they are all friends!)

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